Is this the reckoning humanity needed?

It’s obvious to conclude that humanity doesn’t work. Our purpose in this world seems unclear and we have stumbled from century to century without direction or reason. Like a rudderless ship cast into the vast oceans…


HR in Lockdown

COVID-19 lockdown stipulations rocketed employee well-being and online collaboration to priority status practically overnight. HR teams scrambled to find ways to help the workforce keep in touch, maintain morale, and enable…

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Software firms at forefront of COVID-19 efforts

Software vendors are leveraging their expertise to help customers, employees and the community overcome COVID-19 challenges. The way in which companies conduct themselves during the COVID-19 crisis has come under intense scrutiny. As we have already seen, companies that fail to support both their customers and staff during this period are likely to be judged harshly – and publicly – and could incur financial and reputational damage from which it will be difficult to recover…

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New best practices for a Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has caught enterprises off guard and now CxOs are under pressure to determine their new business plans and how to get their enterprises started again. Markets, customers, business and ways…

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Is now a good time for an ERP project?

As we slowly start to see the easing of restrictions on the UK economy business leaders are faced with a dichotomy; the sudden shift to new ways of working has highlighted the fragilities in many business systems…

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The ‘New Normal’

Firstly, I sincerely wish good health to all ERP Today readers and their families in these challenging times…

guest contributors

Retail 2.5

Imagine a world where everything that you assumed as ‘business as usual’ just stopped. Really… just stopped…

By Steve Ingram


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