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Boomi Says Roomy Is Groovy, But Composable ERP Needs Connectivity
Cloud-based integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) company Boomi has had a fairly tempestuous adolescence in the 21 years it has walked this earth. The company has been variously acquired (by Dell) and then focused on its own sub-brand acquisitions before then being...
Making A Beeline To Honeycombed BI
There’s an intelligence problem with Business Intelligence (BI) software. Magical technology analyst house Gartner suggests that, typically, it sees enterprise organisations running an average of 3.8 ABI (Analytics & Business Intelligence) tools… and, plainly, that’s not connected smartness. This type...
ERP, in reality, is ERP + XYZ
When we talk about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, we rarely keep the discussion centred around the core component elements of ERP in isolation of all other related ancillary, dependent and coexisting technologies.
Creating resilient end-to-end agility in the New Digital Supply Chain
COVID-19 has caused even the most robust supply chains to creak. What lessons can we learn and how should enterprises structure their supply chain so that digital technologies ensure goods and services flow?
Just how low can the RPA ERP robots go?
If we were allowed to create new insertions to conjoin acronyms with acronyms, then our first mission would be to add ERP to RPA. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) augmented under (AU) robotic process automation...