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Unlocking Full Potential of Your ServiceNow Platform
Learn how to unlock the full potential of your ServiceNow platform, decode your platform issues, and simplify the process.
The FlowDown – Unifii’s new podcast
Unifii’s brand new podcast series, brings together ServiceNow senior leaders, product experts, and clients as we tackle Service Operations in the real world. No marketing jargon. No sales talk. Just a front-row seat to advice, opinions, and experiences from people in the know.
The FlowDown podcast
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eBook – Making your workload setup a breeze with modernized management apps
Many organizations may find that navigating their business operations can be a complicated experience – with a multiplicity of spreadsheets and shared mailboxes creating confusion and standing in the way of productivity and efficiency. It can feel like you’re on...
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ServiceNow meets generative AI: The dynamic duo for your ITSM evolution
Read the article by Unifii to learn how ServiceNow has taken the plunge to infuse its top-notch ITSM product suite with cutting-edge Generative AI technology, to help customers get further cost-savings and productivity enhancements.
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ESG management simplified: How ServiceNow gets the job done
The ESG framework isn’t just about portraying a rosy image of your organization, it is also the compass to guide you through the ever-changing business landscape and steer your ship in the right direction. Learn how Unifii can help with your ServiceNow ESG Management starting from the basics. 
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Decoding DORA: How can ServiceNow help?
Read the guide by Unifii to help you navigate the DORA framework to ensure your organization is prepared.
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How Unifii’s platform management can get you more with less cost
Read the article by Unifii to learn how they can help keep your platform in good hands and focus on growing your business.