Can a new entrant change the game in the experience economy?
Getting the band back together is not always a prudent idea. How many times have we seen legends reform in their twilight years only to undo their previous good work and rewrite their legacy with a failed attempt at making it again?
Fruitful ERP relies on successful automation
In operational real life, SAP users are constantly torn between the need to perform the mundane and time-consuming day-to-day tasks (required just to maintain performance on a highly complex system) and the growing pressure exerted by management to innovate. Most...
The key HR solutions enterprises need to consider
Technology has kept many businesses running throughout the rollercoaster ride that has made up the last 16 or so months. Technology has helped employees stay productive and connected regardless of their working locations.
Oracle’s modernised partner network
Historically ERP vendors sold licences and left their partners to worry about the success, or otherwise, of the implementation thereof. In the old world, when projects took years to complete and value was an immeasurable notion, the relationship between vendor,...
SAP champions the ‘human-centric, data-driven’ workforce
OpenText gets pumped for SAP RISE
Information management company OpenText used its (virtual) engagement at SAP’s Sapphire NOW conference to detail its latest wares. The company’s data management tools are offered as SAP Solution Extensions to complement the RISE with SAP package; they are designed to drive organisations...
ServiceNow to quadruple Dublin footprint
ServiceNow has announced the expansion of its Dublin office where it will create 300 jobs over the next three years as part of its EMEA growth plans.
Red Bull Racing chooses Oracle to accelerate Formula 1 data
Red Bull Racing, the four-time Formula 1 world champion team, has selected Oracle as its official cloud infrastructure partner.
Chris Pope: Digital Workflows
ServiceNow is the digital workflow organisation that has been around for 15 years but has recently seen a huge rise in uptake for its services and has been catapulted into the media headlines following the arrival...
IBP is key to post COVID supply chains
While organisations need more visibility, modelling and planning than ever before, what are...