Issue 7

Retail software & tech trends

Ask any retailer what keeps them awake at night and the majority will probably answer Amazon. The combination of product range, price, availability and delivery infrastructure has caught many asleep at the wheel. Just when everyone thought ecommerce was king…

Vendor Review 2021

Download Vendor Review 2021 by Clicking This Link

Creating resilient end-to-end agility in the New Digital Supply Chain

COVID-19 has caused even the most robust supply chains to creak. What lessons can we learn and how should enterprises structure their supply chain so that digital technologies ensure goods and services flow?

Acumatica takes on Sage in the UK

Acumatica is the US-based cloud-native ERP vendor that has set its sights on a big slice of the UK market that is currently occupied by Sage. Acumatica is from the same stable as IFS…

Survival strategies in a hybrid and multi-cloud world

There is no question anymore that technology progress has overtaken the technology demands of business best practices, creating the current need for experimentation and exploration of how to operate a business in the 21st century…

The procurement problem – Unlocking innovation and supporting SMEs

I recently spotted a tweet from Chris Bakke, an entrepreneur with a number of significant exits under his belt, that got me thinking. Why is procurement still such a challenging beast?

Success should be measured by the ‘externalities’ of the business

In the past, to evaluate the health and success of an enterprise, you would look to its balance sheet where the profit, margins, and revenue columns would lay bare the performance and trajectory of the business. But that myopic way of measuring success is…

Going green with the Cloud

We’re encouraged to choose more sustainable options every day – and this extends to the decisions organisations make when purchasing technology. For any number of reasons, sustainability is an increasingly important factor in the IT decision making process today…

Michiel Verhoeven: Can a new MD move the needle for UK customers?

Back in July 2020, SAP appointed Michiel Verhoeven as managing director in the UK&I – until now we haven’t heard much from the new top man. In his first media interview since taking over the hot seat…

Chris Pope: Digital Workflows

ServiceNow is the digital workflow organisation that has been around for 15 years but has recently seen a huge rise in uptake for its services and has been catapulted into the media headlines following the arrival…


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