Celonis announces new AI-enabled enhancements at Celonis:Next

image of Celonis building | Celonis:Next unveils product enhancements, investments and more

Celonis has announced multiple product enhancements and AI-enabled features during its online Celonis:Next event. 

The company is elevating its Process Intelligence Graph (PI Graph), which was initially launched at Celosphere 2023. ​​The PI Graph creates a platform-independent digital twin of a business, integrating specific KPIs and improvement opportunities. It provides insights into current operations and identifies areas for enhancement. 

Celonis will enhance the PI Graph through Oracle EBS Transformations, which will bring Oracle into the graph for key processes like accounts payable, procurement, order management, accounts receivable and inventory management.

Fast Data Model Search will also be added to help users find objects and events faster and keep searches focused with improved filters. An Improved Relationships UI will model objects and events more easily with a more intuitive user interface, including the ability to show incoming or outgoing object relationships. Furthermore, Intuitive Object Selection will quickly create cuts of the data for different use cases and users, thanks to the PI Graph’s object-centric foundation. 

The company also demonstrated how its platform apps are being infused with AI, through its Planning Parameter Optimization App. This provides material planners with updated planning parameters based on evolving consumption and replenishment patterns derived from a machine-learning recommendation model. 

The Celonis:Next event revealed additional investments, including a Revamped Studio Experience, Celonis Process Management, Emporix Orchestration Engine, Standard Data Ingestion API and Premium Process Query Engine. 

Alexander Rinke, co-CEO and co-founder, Celonis said: “We’re proud to be trusted by the world’s leading companies to help make AI not just a parlor trick, but a new way of doing business.

“For us, it’s all about bringing Process Intelligence to every part of the enterprise – BI tools, automation and AI. The strong demand from existing and new customers shows the importance of the combination of Process Intelligence and AI. The innovations we announced at Celonis:Next enables us to deliver even greater business value across the top, bottom and green lines for our customers and the broader ecosystem.”