Everyone Home Safe, Every Day – EY and Network Rail

Network Rail’s ‘Planning4Delivery’ programme was voted the Transformation Project of the Year 2022 by a panel of experts including industry heavyweights, independent analysts and senior media commentators. The project was delivered by EY along with a supporting cast which included Capgemini, Arup, Egis, Morson and technology partner, OnTrac.

Network Rail’s Planning4Delivery Programme

The overarching objective was to improve safety for 22,000 Network Rail workers by digitising the scheduling, approving and monitoring of remedial and planned maintenance work across Network Rail’s infrastructure. Network Rail’s Planning4Delivery Programme was centred on the implementation of RailHub, a comprehensive industry solution developed by OnTrac that provides a cloud-based digital platform with baked-in compliance as standard.


OnTrac delivers digital Safe Work Packs for planners and responsible managers, an extensive risk database, workflow management tools that are aligned to industry standards, and real-time data and analytics that reduce errors and significantly increase operational efficiency and safety.

ERP Today Transformation Project of the Year 2022

For a project to stand out it must exhibit creativity, innovation and a uniqueness that sets it apart from others. The judges at the ERP Today Awards considered 67 projects from a diverse pool of contenders and it was universally agreed that the approach and strategy applied to this project set a new benchmark in terms of vision and execution.

EY’s human at centre approach

EY, one of the world’s biggest consulting firms, may not strike you as an obvious bedfellow for a project that required such a differentiated approach. The firm had to meet its customer at the point of need in an environment where shirts and ties were replaced by hard hats and bright orange jumpsuits.

The technical solution was complex but much of that was abstracted away in favour of a people-first approach that puts education, training and support at the top of page one. There was a sense of shared responsibility that cut across the entire project team and EY delivered a programme that will have lasting benefits with a genuine human story at the heart of their endeavours.

As Edwards from Network Rail concluded: “Without them we wouldn’t have succeeded. As a supplier and partner, EY was fully immersed in the challenge and they got to grips with the issues very quickly. We knew it was going to be a tough challenge but EY delivered and now the rail network is safer and our people get to come home every day.”