Introduction to FL

In 2016 Fudge was a primary training delivery partner to Oracle University, even running the Public Cloud Training schedule. But as Oracle moved more into digital learning with Cloud Learning Subscriptions we moved more into our area of passion – End User Training.

This has now grown into User Adoption and a blended approach to support super users and end users when adopting Oracle Cloud Applications. Now nearly 8 years on, we have a library of over 250 end-user courses, across Finance, Procurement, Projects, HCM, Payroll, CX, Supply Chain, Analytics, and EPM.

These are specifically aimed at new users of Oracle, with hands-on exercises, trainer presentations, and where needed Quick Reference Guides. This is all supported by Oracle Guided Learning content, that we have developed for our customers for their “at point of need” learning.

Our passion is supporting complex Oracle implementations from a change management and training perspective and with over 350 years of combined experience, our team is highly qualified to support any Oracle ERP or HCM program.

We not only develop bespoke materials for customers, but we can also train their team to deliver the training, or we can deliver the training for them. We have a growing library of eLearning content with built-in simulations. As well as implementing Oracle Guided Learning for that “point of need” support for users.

We have supported over ten full-lifecycle Oracle implementations and have a high customer satisfaction score of 4.4/5. We act as an extension to the client’s team, without hindering their project, as we are used to working this way. Our well-trodden methodology and framework have been developed to work with Program teams, consisting of partner and end-client members.

For more information, please visit our website or contact us to speak with us.