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The fall of Babylon? Lessons for AI in the NHS
Babylon Health’s presence in the NHS should have been beautiful with its AI-based chatbot. The promise of huge savings and efficiencies was huge. In practice, it has been a spectacular failure, even by the standards of public sector IT.
Avantra: Come on, let’s get through the mist to the cloud
Avantra: Come on, let’s get through the mist to the cloud
This is a contributed piece for ERP Today written by Tyler Constable in his role as global head of solution engineering at Avantra – a company known for its AIOps automation platform designed to drive SAP operations. Migrating SAP systems...
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The future of automation: a hindrance or an enabler?
Automation is about efficiency, and efficiency is a priority for businesses and organisations needing to survive in an ever more competitive environment. Automation in the past revolved around updating machinery and equipment and improving processes, while new digital advances have given rise...
Process Mining
Process mining: Digital transformation lynchpin in banking & finance 
Technology is now central to the operations of almost all modern businesses, and this is especially true for organisations in the finance sector. But as the sector embraces digital transformation, are business leaders overlooking a key way to ensure they are delivering the experiences that customers need, while also trimming their own costs?
Retail technology: Time for retailers to get a grip
Retail technology: Time for retailers to get a grip
If we want to change the world for the better, it all starts with retailers, their buyers, their range, and their balance of profit with doing the right thing.
Handling complexity: should we be scared of standardisation?
Why many organisations struggle with the conflict between delivering simplification and standardisation
Watch out for SAP silos in your cybersecurity
Watch out for SAP silos in your cybersecurity
ERP exposure and the need for business-critical application security to mitigate threats and protect systems from avoidable damage
'Glorified filing cabinet': Cloud's greatest failing
‘Glorified filing cabinet’: Cloud’s greatest failing
As transformation initiatives continue to accelerate, cloud continues to be a key enabler for organisations transitioning out of lockdown crisis mode to new hybrid working practices and recession-proofing strategies.
Why it’s time for a user group upgrade
User groups are struggling. So what’s next? The importance of human engagement can never be underestimated, especially when challenging times are ahead and exciting innovations are being built.
How SAP ERP is a strategic enabler of sustainability
I have been passionate about sustainability in the environmental sense. But in the last two years, sustainability has dramatically rocketed up the agenda of all businesses and the public sector. 
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Why verticalisation is key to software development
As cloud solutions evolve, there is a shift from horizontal to vertical industry-tailored applications. Bonnie Tinder, CEO at Raven Intel...
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What US wars can teach us about ERP strategy
Thanks to Hollywood, US wars are etched in our collective understanding.  Not to mention politicians’ soundbites, the moving images captured...
Can ERP degrees help solve the talent crisis?
The ERP industry is woefully short of resources and many global brands in this space are locked in a battle to find, recruit and retain new talent.
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Making a genuine difference in building a sustainable future
At the end of 2021, IFS hosted its Change for Good awards at COP26 in Glasgow to celebrate the difference and impact our customers are having...
ERP and HR systems: the lovechildren of Inflation
When inflation and high interest rates last got together in the 1970s, they spawned the lovechild of ERP and drove a revolution in materials...
Using data to stem the tide of employee resignations
Throughout the course of 2021, employees have been leaving their organisations in record numbers.  During the months of July, August and September...
The data migration project minefield
Data is the foundation on which all modern businesses are built and the importance of accurate and timely data has never been more important...
Culture sits at the top of the finance agenda
It may be a new year but many challenges brought on by the pandemic are persisting - the ‘Great Resignation’ being one of the biggest issues affecting business...
What is the cost of change? Implications for your SAP roadmap
With the maintenance deadline for SAP ECC 6.0 fast approaching, organisations are deciding how they will use SAP going forward. For many, their ERP system is the heartbeat of the business, so they are currently evaluating the role it will play and what needs to change for it to be fit for purpose in today’s digital world.
The next generation of talent will boost our whole ecosystem
The last 18 months have chan-ged workforce dynamics, which gives us the opportunity to rethink how we train and retrain all of our employees, but in particular our young professionals
Pets vs Cattle 2.0: An Analogy and Approach for Modern Infrastructures
Pets vs. cattle is an analogy with modest beginnings that has grown into an industry staple. A simple Google search will spawn more than four million results and a myriad of developer memes. Although origin stories are a little hazy, the actual, original quote was ‘cattle, not pets.’
Workday vs. ServiceNow: The Big Shift
Every decade there’s a major shift in enterprise software. In the 1970s companies bought integrated financial systems; in the 1980s and 1990s it was ERP; now it’s a wild west of tools for digital customer experiences, digital employee experiences, and AI-enabled automation
Love in a time of coronavirus
When Dr Clare Wenham from the London School of Economics was interviewed by the BBC last year about her views on local lockdowns, it was the presence of her young daughter that stole the show.  It was a real moment that...
On today’s menu: my recipe for successful ERP
It might sound strange at first, but I’d say when you’re thinking about the best way to integrate ERP as part of your business’ broader strategy, it’s worth taking a leaf out of a top chef’s recipe book. Look for...
Digital transformation is not a magic wand
Digital transformation has become a popular tech trend. Businesses aiming to succeed in today’s digital economy are shifting manual, analogue processes and systems, and transforming them with modern technology. While the goal of streamlining and updating systems and tools may...
Make change personal
Few would disagree that change is a constant, whether in our professional or personal lives. For businesses and society to improve and evolve, change is a necessity. In the world  of ERP and the change that it brings, a lot...
Breaking the Chain – Stress testing supply chains in 2021
Over the last year, UK consumers have become increasingly aware of the impact of COVID-19 on retail supply chains. While the panic over empty supermarket shelves at the start of the first lockdown has subsided. In places concerns...
Under par and counting my blessings
It is hard to believe that we are approaching a year since the first lockdown due to the pandemic. In many ways it has felt like forever and in other ways it has flown by – a year of working from home, looking out the window of my home office and still scratching my head and wondering if this is just a dream.
How to embrace organisational agility
COVID-19 forced businesses to make decisions about leadership, recruitment, finance and operations in a matter of hours. In the months following the initial shockwave...
Three lessons now the future of work is reality
13th March. A date etched in my memory. Not because it’s a birthday or anniversary. Rather...
IBP is key to post COVID supply chains
While organisations need more visibility, modelling and planning than ever before, what are...
Third-party support: not just about money
The role of IT should be primarily about serving the business: providing the necessary infrastructure...
Retail 2.5
Imagine a world where everything that you assumed as ‘business as usual’ just stopped. Really... just stopped...
Driven by disruption
Originally put forward in a Harvard Business Review piece in 1995 by Bower and Christensen...
Supply chains post Covid-19
Supply chains for complex and costly products are always in a state of flux. But massive changes to...
Is private equity ‘dry powder’ going to ignite the SAP market?
The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting global lockdown have caused a sudden and sharp...
Accelerating your Survival Strategy
It is not entirely accurate to compare all of the economic impacts of the 2008 financial crisis to the...
Pressing restart – how businesses can recover and get back to work
Throughout the period of lockdown, many organisations have found digital services indispensable...
Heart of War
The best military and commercial strategists are considering questions of long-term legitimacy...
How AI is influencing the invoicing and payment industry
Thanks to ever increasing levels of computing power and the availability of cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied to business problems where unstructured data can be processed, and patterns understood very quickly, and more accurately than humans. AI...
Taking the plunge in lockdown…
When I started the journey that led me to move organisations, I had many concerns on my mind. Am I the right fit?