ICD joins the Kyriba liquidity network to help clients gain control

A man sitting in front of computer monitor in an office | Kyriba liquidity network concept

Kyriba has announced that ICD joined its liquidity network to create a seamless, end-to-end workflow for clients to gain control over their liquidity management and investment processes.

The decision to join was prompted by companies constantly being challenged with new data and reporting requirements to support the business. This is the reason why treasury organizations are turning to modern technologies for greater visibility, accuracy and speed.

Several points can be identified among the key challenges to treasury, including multiple platforms and logins to manage investments, lack of unified view of cash positions, separate reporting and analysis based on unsynchronized data, operational risks from manual trade and payment processes and manual processes to fix issues.

By joining liquidity networks like Kyriba’s, customers can enjoy the following benefits of real-time treasury: SSO connectivity from Kyriba’s workflow map as part of the treasurer’s day-to-day, enhanced decision making with real-time data, automated trade settlement to reduce manual processes, reduced operational and financial risks through process automation and daily automated sweeps to maximize return on surplus cash.

ICD is the treasury’s trusted, independent portal provider of money market funds and other short-term Investments. Its exceptional service and intuitive technology make it easy for organizations to access and participate in the money markets.

“Ensuring efficiency, security and streamlined workflows have been the cornerstone of ICD’s commitment to our clients”, said Sebastian Ramos, EVP of global trading and products at ICD.

“With single sign-on and deep integration with Kyriba, our joint clients limit risk and add efficiencies to their cash and liquidity management processes.”

Among the latest updates from the partnership, Hunt Companies was recognized in December 2022 with a 2023 Alexander Hamilton Award for liquidity management, using the ICD Portal for its short-term investments and the ICD and Kyriba API integration for real-time visibility into liquidity.

David Miller, treasurer and SVP at Hunt Companies, commented: “With ICD and Kyriba bringing real-time treasury to the next level, our organization is able to make investment decisions based on up-to-date account data, fund availability and market data.

“From one platform we can then complete fund transfer to any accounts, creating efficiency like never before.”

ICD-Kyriba integration diagram
Source: Kyriba (Kyriba-ICD integration diagram)