NewRocket’s Advisory Engagement

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Businesses today find themselves in common pitfalls like diving into projects without clarity and consensus on why they are investing in ServiceNow, what the desired end-state business outcomes are, and what technology solutions are needed. Without this clarity, platform owners often end up building technology for the sake of it and end up boxing themselves in. Common pitfalls we see include:

  1. Focusing first on tech features without clarity for how it maps to a broader vision for the platform.
  2. Misalignment of investment outcomes and priorities across stakeholders.
  3. Lack of clarity of the end state business vision and capabilities.
  4. Diving into a technology build without enough clarity of the end state technology solution and how ServiceNow interconnects with other systems.

In order to maximize the value of ServiceNow, NewRocket’s FlightPath advisory engagement will ensure you have a thoughtful plan, that maps to clear business outcomes.

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