Norwegian Police investigate logistics upgrade with IFS Cloud

A close up of a police siren, typically found on top of most police vehicles, it's red and blue and in front of a dark background | Norwegian Police IFS

IFS announced that the Norwegian Police has upgraded to IFS Cloud to enhance preparedness and provide precise resource utilization and assets management across the force, when required.

The Norwegian Police’s national competence and service center, the Police Shared Services (PFT), gives the police tools to prevent and combat crime, but it currently cannot keep up with the modern standards needed for the police force.

IFS will replace the existing legacy system infrastructure with a unified national material and logistics system that provides insights into the condition, inventory and location of equipment and materials, broken down by district. The new system will also aid in the logistics handling of the material. Once fully implemented, the solution will be deployed to around 25,000 users across Norway.

The Norwegian Police will utilize five IFS Cloud modules: supply Chain, B2B commerce, procurement, maintenance and finance. These modules hope to serve key areas the PFT covers, including materials and logistics, real estate, procurement and legal services, payroll and accounting and communications. The Norwegian Police will also get access to IFS Success Services – a suite of services designed to help users maximize their IFS investment.

Helge Clem, director of shared services at the Norwegian Police, emphasized the importance of the upgrade and stated: “Upgrading to IFS Cloud marks a strategic shift towards strengthening our asset management and operational readiness throughout the Norwegian Police and our operations. This system underscores our dedication to upholding public safety and trust.”

Glenn Arnesen, president global install base at IFS, said: “IFS Cloud is well suited for organizations like the Norwegian Police as it has the flexibility to support multiple functions. With this upgrade, IFS Cloud will support PFT on its journey to resource optimization, helping deliver on its ongoing commitment to service excellence and providing a flexible and user-friendly solution that caters to its diverse needs.”