April 20, 2021

Decision Making in public sector transformation projects

Decision making within transformation programmes is a complex art and is often the difference between success and failure. In this ERP Today Live! session we discuss how to structure your programme so that it provides the agility and flexibility to make crucial judgments mid-project.

Rob Machin, Senior Manager, Deloitte MCS Ltd

March 30, 2021

ERP Today Live! Tax - Beyond Compliance

Tax authorities around the world are introducing sweeping changes that all businesses need to be aware of. In this ERP Today Live! session we look at the impact of new legislation and provide insight into how your tax strategy can go beyond compliance and be used as a strategic tool to improve business performance.

Susanne De Nooijer, Partner, Deloitte Belastingadviseurs BV

March 23, 2021

ERP Today Live! - Touchless Finance

The evolution of ERP and the rise of touchless applications.

ERP applications have come a long way since they were managed on a green screen and powered by mainframes. Functionality, appearance and useability have taken huge steps forward over the decades but even the most advanced applications failed to deliver on ERP’s true potential. The rise of automation, intelligence, and touchless applications closes the loop and transforms ERP from loosely coupled, manually-powered applications into integrated, autonomous, end to end solutions that are capable of radically transforming the finance function within enterprises.

Rory McCamley, Senior Manager, Deloitte MCS Ltd

March 16, 2021

UK Ministry of Defence - HR transformation

Re-imagining the employee experience for 50,000 people. This exclusive ERP Today Live! session takes a deep dive into the HR strategy and programme mechanics at UK Ministry of Defence as they transform the employee experience for their civilian workforce.

Richard Vincent, head of defence people portfolio, MoD
Simon Lowe, partner, Deloitte MCS Ltd


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