ServiceNow to acquire UltimateSuite to enhance its Now platform

ServiceNow Washing DC update

ServiceNow has announced the acquisition of UltimateSuite to enhance process mining and intelligent automation across its Now Platform. 

Process mining is a core capability for the Now platform as it helps customers better understand how work flows across people, tasks and systems by acting like an X‑ray across the business to identify and automate operational bottlenecks.

UltimateSuite’s task mining technology will help streamline repetitive work and identify automation opportunities, a core piece of process mining. With predictive analysis and actionable prompts, UltimateSuite aims to provide operational intelligence that enables customers to accelerate digital business transformation and enhance employee experiences.

Eric Schroeder, vice president, NowX product management, ServiceNow, said: “The Now Platform is the platform for digital business, and we are continually working to help customers remove guesswork and create more intuitive processes in the day‑to‑day flow of work.

“Task mining is key to revealing a more accurate picture of how people work. With UltimateSuite, we are extending ServiceNow’s ability to help customers easily automate workflows and drive productivity.”

Robert Samanek, CEO and founder, UltimateSuite, said: “We believe that automation, built with the power of our task mining technology, can help employees and businesses expand the potential of their creativity and productivity.

“We are proud to join ServiceNow and integrate UltimateSuite into the Now Platform to drive actionable insights that identify opportunities to transform the way people work.”

This follows ServiceNow’s recent acquisitions of G2K and Element AI, also as part of ServiceNow’s ongoing commitment to bringing impactful automation and AI‑powered solutions to customers.