Application Development and Integration

In order to thrive and ensure their viability, contemporary enterprises must create and implement applications with a focus on superior quality, user experience, and seamless integration. Simultaneously, it is crucial to mitigate risks associated with the swift development and deployment of applications, particularly within the context of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

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How to utilize a partner to help you with your digital transformation?
Juggling multiple different factors, projects, processes and new software is the sign of a good technological partner to accompany you. The right partner has the expertise and change management skills to give your business a top-to-bottom update. 
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Third-party software support redefined by Spinnaker Support
Investing in third-party support may seem like you’re ‘cheating’ on your current software, but the tech on-hand has been created to be receptive to any modifications that may be introduced - your business could achieve efficiencies you wouldn’t have thought possible.
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Enhancing your ServiceNow platform with Unifii
ServiceNow technology is powerful and versatile. While the tech can be complex for those unfamiliar with the software, there are service providers that can further enhance the technology that ServiceNow offers.
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Salesforce launches Einstein Copilot to interpret info and automate tasks
Salesforce has announced the public beta availability of a new conversational and generative AI assistant for CRM – Einstein Copilot.
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eBook – Making your workload setup a breeze with modernized management apps
Many organizations may find that navigating their business operations can be a complicated experience – with a multiplicity of spreadsheets and shared mailboxes creating confusion and standing in the way of productivity and efficiency. It can feel like you’re on...
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Cast Study: Helping Network Rail to get everyone home safe, every day
Read the full case study to learn more about how EY delivered not just a digital transformation, but also a business transformation that would change employee behaviors around railway safety throughout the organization.
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Modern on-premise ERP for the manufacturing sector
Remember, when you’re deciding about what ERP solution to choose, don’t just dive straight for a provider. Research, take your time choosing and consider that an on-premise ERP could be the answer to your manufacturing woes.
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Third-Party Support for Oracle
Read this paper from Spinnaker to learn how you can find cost predictability, architectural freedom, and increased service quality for your Oracle investment.
Cut the Cord from Oracle-Provided E-Business Suite Support
This paper by Spinnaker explores the advantages of cutting the "support cord", when appropriate, and how to identify what changes are in your best interest.
Take Control of your Oracle roadmap with third-party support
This guide by Spinnaker will answer key questions Oracle customers may have about their IT roadmap and what options they have for their legacy Oracle systems.
Composable ERP: Break Free from Vendor Lock-ins
In this article by Spinnaker Support, we’ll dive deep into what composable ERP is, its benefits, challenges in implementation, and how you can overcome those challenges with a third-party support provider.
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Haas chooses EY and Microsoft solutions to drive F1 team to success
MoneyGram Haas F1 Team has chosen EY to implement its Microsoft Dynamics 354 Finance and Supply Chain solution.
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User psychology: why is it important for successful ERP implementation?
Fudgelearn has sectioned their Webinar into 5 easy-to-watch videos discussing Change Communication, delivering effective training, and how User Psychology can aid in engaging end-users for a successful user-adoption.
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ESG management simplified: How ServiceNow gets the job done
The ESG framework isn’t just about portraying a rosy image of your organization, it is also the compass to guide you through the ever-changing business landscape and steer your ship in the right direction. Learn how Unifii can help with your ServiceNow ESG Management starting from the basics. 
Data Migration International
Building on over 27 years of industry experience, our team develops innovative products to simplify and accelerate digital transformation. Our flagship solution JiVS IMP independently manages the entire information life cycle, transforming complex legacy infrastructures into concrete business value.
We have decades of experience in technology, accounting and business transformation and have access to a wide network of trusted professionals on hand to meet your business needs.
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Spinnaker Support – Third-Party Software Support
Third-party software support has existed for more than fifteen years. While it began with specific Oracle applications, third-party support is now available for virtually any Oracle or SAP on-premise enterprise or infrastructure product set – including the newest release versions. Learn more about solutions offered by Spinnaker Support to help your organization.
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What IT Leaders Need to Know About Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support
This guide provided by Spinnaker Support is designed to help IT leaders understand and build the internal case for third-party support, while efficiently driving the due diligence and decision-making processes.
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The A-to-Z Guide to Third-Party Support
This comprehensive guide covers the A-to-Z of 3PS, from what it is, to why it’s adopted, to how you evaluate it, to what the actual customer experience is like. Whether you’re an IT expert, C-level executive, procurement specialist, or application end-user, you will find useful tips, stories and advice to help you determine if 3PS is the right choice for your organization.
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Spinnaker Support
Spinnaker Support is the industry’s highest-rated support services provider for Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce enterprise software solutions.
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Oracle delivers new capabilities in SCM to help optimize supply chains
Oracle has introduced new capabilities in Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain to help organizations increase efficiency in supply chains.
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The Ultimate guide to buying ERP software
Read the guide by Global Shop Solutions to help you through the entire ERP buying journey. From learning the ERP software basics, to budgeting, to building a complete checklist for evaluation potential providers, this guide covers everything you will need to make critical decisions.
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Global Shop Solutions info pack
Since 1976, Global Shop Solutions ERP software has been trusted by manufacturers around the world to keep them competitive and growing, regardless of the economic climate. Learn more about Global Shop Solutions and their solid experience to the right solution to transform your business. 
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The Value of Data for a Composable ERP Architecture by Boomi
SAP and Oracle users are being forced into cloud migration, but many other businesses are jumping at the opportunity to relinquish on-premises application management for a cloud- or hybrid on-premises/cloud architecture. And that means dealing with a lot of data, and a lot of applications. Read the blog by Boomi.
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eBook: 3 Ways to approach digital transformation
In this eBook, we will discuss the most common problems modern organizations face and how those issues drive the need for digital transformation. In addition to providing answers to these problems, it will outline the three recommended approaches and the benefits your organization can expect from a digital transformation.
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eBook: Does your Oracle system need a health check?
This health check can evaluate its cloud readiness or to determine whether it is getting the full benefit from all the features and capabilities of its Oracle applications. Read this eBook by Accelalpha to determine if now is a good time to take stock of how applications are being utilized.
An abstract picture of blue, electronic fibre lines reaching their way across a vertical, metal surface | Axelor Q1
Axelor to release BI, Connect and Template products in Q1 release
Low-code vendor Axelor has announced the upcoming release of three new products slated for Q1 2024; Axelor BI, Axelor Connect and Axelor Template. The Q1 releases will focus on business intelligence, automated app connections and automated document generation capabilities.