ServiceNow announces updates to Now platform in Washington DC release

ServiceNow Washing DC update

ServiceNow has launched another major Now platform update, Washington DC, with a focus on adding more intelligent automation, speeding up time-to-value and expanding the Now Assist generative AI experiences. 

The company aims to simplify automation experiences and increase productivity with a single interface for end-to-end workflow automation. It is designed to help customers elevate their work using ServiceNow’s extensible data model and trusted solutions. It also allows for continued investment in the new technology with innovations that deliver responsible, purpose-built solutions to help customers derive more GenAI value.

ServiceNow’s innovations include a workflow studio to enable employees to automate workflows quickly and easily. If users describe the process they’d like to automate, workflow studio can visualize and create that workflow using GenAI. 

Platform analytics will also be available to offer a simple unified reporting experience for  analytics across the Now Platform. The Interface will also allow users to report, monitor and manage KPIs across the platform, creating visualizations and dashboards easily. In other words, it is poised to encourage faster, smarter decision-making that incorporates multiple data inputs into one, easy-to-understand experience. 

Additionally, the Now platform’s new sales and order management solution aims to improve the customer experience by helping them accelerate revenue and drive growth. 

ServiceNow is also implementing security posture control (SPC) to make it easier for companies to identify and fix security gaps. This will build on customers’ existing investments in ITOM Visibility and Service Graph Connector programs to help organizations gain visibility into critical security tool coverage gaps and automate security responses.

A common services data model on the Now platform is to enable companies to use automation for data collection across different sources like tech assets or cloud software, bringing it into a single data model that can be used across multiple workflows. This can allow IT teams to visualize their assets and retain accurate audit-ready data from those assets for various reporting needs. 

Finally, operational technology (OT) knowledge management is being implemented by ServiceNow to accelerate the resolution of shop floor issues, further breaking down organizational barriers. It will capture and share known resolutions for OT incidents and process deviations across sites.

In this Washington DC release, ServiceNow also boasts its generative AI successes, following the implementation 120 days ago. Since then, the company has seen a 54 percent incident deflection rate with GenAI for employee issues, a 10 percent boost to customer case deflection rate with GenAI and a 38 percent improvement in total development cycle time with GenAI and DevOps on the Now platform.