Digital Commerce

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) plays a pivotal role in the area of digital commerce. In the dynamic landscape of online transactions, ERP ensures efficient management of key aspects such as inventory, order processing, and customer data. By connecting various departments within an organization, ERP optimizes operations, providing real-time insights that enhance decision-making in the digital commerce space. This integration facilitates a unified approach, where data flows seamlessly from order placement to fulfillment. ERP’s impact extends to customer relationship management, offering a comprehensive solution that aligns with the demands of digital commerce. In essence, ERP empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of digital commerce, ensuring agility, accuracy, and enhanced customer experiences.

Rimini Street
Rimini Street is a global leader in third-party support for mission-critical systems and delivers end-to-end enterprise software products and services with real, experienced engineers who work to solve complex IT challenges - around the clock.
IBM office building | IBM announces expansion to its software portfolio in AWS marketplace
IBM expands its software portfolio in AWS marketplace
IBM expands software portfolio in AWS Marketplace to 92 countries, offering AI, data tech and professional services for streamlined procurement and innovation.
Image of Coca Cola cans on ice/ Coca Cola and Microsoft partnership
Coca-Cola and Microsoft to experiment with GenAI in new partnership 
Coca-Cola and Microsoft join forces for tech innovation, investing $1.1bn in Microsoft Cloud, focusing on AI for business enhancement.
SplashBI helps organizations make the very best business decisions by providing instant access to data from disparate systems in the form of reports, visualizations, & trends.
Dark glass skyscrapers, with a view looking upwards on a cloud day | KPMG
Opkey and KPMG LLP join forces to offer automated testing solutions
Opkey and KPMG LLP announced they have entered a strategic alliance, with the goal of combining Opkey’s test automation platform and KPMG’s delivery services.
image of lightbulb on painting | Accenture and Accor
Accenture Song’s ‘Content Atelier’ assists Accor
Accenture has been appointed by global hospitality group, Accor, to support its content production capabilities, driving scale and establishing consistency in local and global marketing communications across its hotel brands to tailor to guests’ needs.
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