Data and Data Management

Efficient data management, encompassing the systematic collection, organization, and retrieval of data, is fundamental for enhancing productivity, efficiency, and informed decision-making. Regardless of their scale or industry, organizations benefit significantly from implementing a robust data management strategy and adopting a modern data management system. This ensures streamlined operations and optimized use of information, facilitating better decision-making processes. The integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions further enhances the effectiveness of data management, providing organizations with comprehensive tools to manage and utilize data seamlessly across various facets of their operations.

photo of a sunset sky with clouds and a mountain alongside a row of supercomputers | cloud migration with the help of DMI JiVS
Data does not have to be a burden during cloud migration, here’s how
In this blog, ERP Today spoke to Thomas Iseler, global strategic partnerships advisor at Data Migration International (DMI), about his views on the transformation possibilities in retrospect of the SAP Adoption Catalyst event held in the spring of this year.
More4apps slide that states - Streamlining data cleanse: leveraging More4apps for a seamless migration to Oracle Fusion Cloud
Streamlining data cleanse: Leveraging More4apps for a seamless migration to Oracle Fusion Cloud
This blog explores how data cleanse with More4apps can pave the way for a successful migration to Oracle Fusion Cloud.
More4apps slide - Smooth seas ahead: cruise line transforms data accuracy - with a cruise ship image in the background
Smooth seas ahead: Cruise line transforms data accuracy
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was difficult on the tourism and cruise industries. As the cruise industry rebounds, it is heavily scrutinizing every dollar. The goal is to find ways to reduce costs and decrease the debt businesses incurred in recent...
More4apps slide that states: A better way to manage rapidly-changing cost data. Manufacturing is a world of never-ending change. More4apps helps you keep up.
A better way to manage rapidly-changing cost data
In manufacturing, change is the one thing you can count on. Goals are a moving target. Learn how to utilize your ERP to keep up in the blog.
long exposure photography of lights | Data Migration International JiVS buyer's guide
JiVS capability guide: Mastering data complexity and optimizing data management
Drawing on insights from the SAPinsider 2023 Buyer’s Guide for Data Management and Analytics, this Capability Guide summarizes some of the main trends in the industry and the challenges facing SAP organizations.
abstract image of people figures in a frame | More4apps Oracle data solutions news
More4apps partners with X View for Oracle data-loading solutions
More4apps and X View have announced a partnership agreement to deliver enhanced services and solutions to their clients in the Oracle market.
More4apps slide with an abstract graph image that describes a case study of a customer that used the More4Apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Projects Module for data management
Efficiently updating project data by making smarter decisions
A case study about how the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox empowered a leading engineering company to achieve data accuracy.
people in office around a computer
Stop struggling with Oracle reporting
Angles from insightsoftware opens up your options with Angles Enterprise and Angles Professional for Oracle. Both offer robust reporting and analytics capabilities, but understanding their key differences is crucial for making an informed decision. So, grab your protractor and let’s get into the details of Angles for Oracle!
a photo of a code lock | data security concept
Data security in the cloud: Why it’s important and where to start
Data is the lifeblood of any organization and in a digital landscape with dispersed teams working from anywhere, protecting data wherever it resides must be a top priority for enterprises of all sizes. But while there has never been more...
blue and white floral textile | low-code data concept
Mendix and Snowflake to drive low-code data value for enterprises
Mendix has partnered with Snowflake to enable enterprises to drive maximum value from their data through low-code application development.
A city at night with a timelapse of red streaks of light indicating speed | extraction Rossera
How a data extraction solution can accelerate an implementation
Data extraction is a necessary and frequently underestimated process for all business tranformations. A centralized extraction solution could lessen the burden on ERP systems while also providing the breathing room needed to focus on innovation rather than maintenance.
A connection of red cables neatly plugged into a cable router | hub Celonis
How a centralized hub can help you quantify the value of a business transformation
Centralizing disconnected, disprate systems together under one, easy-to-read hub can help you uncover hidden business value that you may not have taken advantage of yet.
A long exposure shot from the front of a train showing a blurred, white and futuristic tunnel | migration More4apps
Have you prepared your data for migration to the cloud?
Data needs to be cleansed before uploading it to Oracle Cloud. By leveraging the solutions created by service providers, businesses can transition smoothly without having to worry about legacy data-draining resources.
More4apps photo with a hand holding a winner's cup and text saying "and the winner is..."
More4apps celebrates success with EBS Toolbox for Oracle E-Business Suite
More4apps, a leading provider of data-loading software solutions, has received many prestigious awards over the past 12 months. As a company, More4apps has always focused on changing and improving the way organizations manage their data within Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) since its establishment in 2000.
Since 2011, Celonis has helped thousands of the world’s biggest and best companies yield cash impact, improve customer experience, and reduce carbon emissions.
Watch now: Spring Clean Your ERP Data: Strategies for Reporting Excellence
Presented by Splash BI Webinar On-Demand Spring Clean Your ERP Data: Strategies for Reporting Excellence Join Kiran Pasham, Co-founder and Chief Architect, and Graham Spicer, Country Head UK, EMEA & Asia Pac Oracle Alliance Ambassador, in a transformative exploration of...
Data Reduction Potential Analysis: How to reduce data volume before migrating to SAP S/4HANA
One of the pain points of migrating to SAP S/4HANA is understanding exactly how much and which data needs to be transferred to the new environment. the DRPA provides a simulation demonstrating how much they can potentially reduce their data by.
JiVS One Click Transformation to SAP S/4HANA with just a click of a button
The One Click Transformation approach is DMI’s answer to simpler and faster data migration, giving the customer a 360° view of their data in a leaner system environment.
JiVS Information Management Platform (IMP) is an end-to-end information management platform that provides a simple yet powerful solution to complex data-driven challenges.
Securing the smoothest journey to SAP S/4HANA
Upgrading to SAP’s latest product generation not only makes sense, but there’s mostly no way around it. Yet, the journey is a complex one.
photo of a person holding a bunch of 100 dollar banknotes | legacy SAP system costs concept
The hidden costs of outdated SAP systems
At a time when agility and innovation are more in demand than ever, it’s vital to optimize your SAP infrastructure on a regular basis.
photo of blue light stripes on a ceiling | S/4HANA
Keep your data during SAP S/4HANA migration
What happens to not needed legacy data after S/4HANA migration? Software-based and audit-proof: the right way to archive your data.
photo of a clean branch with green leaves in front of white background | SAP
Keeping SAP systems lean and clean starts with data hygiene
Before moving to SAP S/4HANA, you should examine your data and transfer what you actually need. The BLUEFIELD approach makes this possible.
photo of pink birds flying in the sky | S/4HANA migration concept
Unpacking the findings from these SAP S/4HANA migration studies
SNP presents summarized findings from customer surveys to support clients in making critical decisions during SAP S/4HANA migration.
workers in a warehouse
Software-supported logistics lead to more sales: SNP migrates Steiff to S/4HANA
Read the case study of Steiff, a retail and fashion company, working along with SNP to successfully migrate their system to increase flexibility and ensure precise deliveries. 
A green tinted hallway containing many servers on either side | energy data migration international
Saving energy in IT: It’s time to take action
Industry 4.0 is in full swing, which mean energy costs to run new IT systems have never been higher. Sustainability needs to be considered with each new tech upgrade, and efforts should be taken to cut down on all unnecessary, energy-draining systems.
Abstract image of a green and red net entwined together across a dark background | More4apps digital transformation
The complexity of migrating old data to new systems made easier with More4apps
A digital transformation more often than not requires migrating data from legacy systems to the new ones. With a combination of the right tools and suitable service provider, migrating legacy data doesn’t have to be a painful process.