What We Do

Since its launch in 2019, ERP Today has established itself as the independent voice of the enterprise technology sector through its use of dynamic journalism, creativity and purpose. Our mission is to inform and inspire IT decision makers. We take the confusing and baffling nature of emerging technologies and present the opportunities with clear and concise editorial. We debunk the jargon, cut through the hyperbole, and zero-in on the information that CxOs need to extract the maximum value from their investment in enterprise technology.

How are we different?

ERP Today is the only print media product dedicated to enterprise technology. We augment our print offering with a digital platform that delivers daily industry news to 20,000 subscribers along with weekly newsletters, live interviews, webinars and analysis. Print is our #1 priority and our most impactful platform. In a world where differentiation is key to success, our premium quality print magazine which is read by more than 12,000 business leaders, sets us apart from all other technology media outlets.

Our Story

Since we launched our print publication our subscribers have quadrupled. We now publish a monthly digital magazine, daily industry news blog, and produce our own interactive content on ERP Today Live! We have interviewed many of the industry’s most influential leaders along with a stellar cast of business forerunners to bring their stories to life. We work with virtually every major player in the business technology sector and continue to develop new relationships with the world’s leading brands.

Our Values

ERP Today is a completely independent voice and does not publish any paid-for editorial. We are a free platform and will never sell your data to third parties. We believe that technology with a purpose can change the world by improving experiences, creating sustainable businesses and unleashing human capacity. We have a strong focus on technology that makes the world a better, cleaner and fairer place for people and the broader environment.

Why We Do It

Our analysts and contributing editors work pro-bono because they believe in our mission. They write for ERP Today because they are passionate about helping CxOs navigate the complex issues that most affect digital transformation and the journey towards becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Meet The Team

Paul Esherwood
Ceci Perriard
Design Director
Giacomo Lee
Deputy Editor
Adrian Bridgwater
Technology Editor
Tony Little
Commercial Director
Lauren Tilbury
Executive Assistant
Stephanie Ball
Chief Staff Writer
Sarah Thomas
Senior Staff Writer
Richard Carr
Commercial Manager
Grace Barrington
YPN Co-ordinator
Melissa Evatt
Junior PR Analyst
Jas Roberts
Graphic Designer
Hilary Campton
Events Director
Leah Bradley
Events Project Manager
Michelie Blaney
Office Support Assistant
Ella Moloney

The Experts

Paul Esherwood
Thoroughly proud editor of a little start-up called ERP Today that has grown from modest ambitions into something of substance. I believe that technology can change the world but tech for its own sake is pointless and more effort should be spent developing ideas with a purpose. When I am not writing about enterprise technology I can be found in a tent fishing.
Adrian Bridgwater
I’ve worked in media for over 30-years in print magazines and newspapers as well as television and the web. I’ve primarily covered software engineering and application development, but my editorial purview also extends to open source, data analytics and intelligence, cloud computing, mobile devices and data management.
Wayne Lloyd
Wayne is founder & CEO of Smarter Contracts, a FinTech product company and challenger consultancy that specialises in blockchain technology and smart contracts. Over the last 15 years, he has worked for banks directly and consulted clients around the world working for both niche and global technology consulting firms.
Holger Mueller
Holger is VP and principal analyst for Constellation Research covering next generation applications and human capital management. He was formerly chief application architect at SAP and is a published expert on disruptive technologies and the future of work.
Dr Zara Nanu
Zara is a leading voice in driving fair pay and inclusion through intelligent tech. Wielding extensive diversity and inclusion expertise developed throughout a remarkable career, Zara has taken on the task of linking data science, technology and the drive to build fair pay into the future of work.
Steve Pullee
Steve is a data migration expert and the CEO at Egress – a company that has completed more successful DM projects than any other in the UK. He has been responsible for leading some of the largest DM projects in history including the single biggest migration of data in the UK for the NHS.
Emma Sinclair MBE
Emma is the youngest person to have floated on the London Stock Exchange, doing so at 29. A serial entrepreneur, she now co-leads global software company EnterpriseAlumni, as well as being UNICEF’s First Business Mentor and in 2016, was awarded an MBE by the Queen for Services to Entrepreneurship.
Mark Sweeny
Mark was the former founder and chief executive of Certus Solutions, a pioneer of Oracle Cloud applications prior to his successful exit by acquisition. A serial entrepreneur, business angel, champion of British SMEs and a well-known trusted face across HM Government.
Andy Bird
I am delighted to be joining the editorial committee of ERP Today which has become a valued source to our industry since Paul Esherwood started it in 2019. Given how our sector is constantly and rapidly changing, we all benefit from the knowledge delivered by the dedicated ERP Today editorial professionals and independent industry insiders. I look forward to helping supply some of the insights I see and learn as part of this editorial committee.