Analytics and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics are indispensable in propelling digital transformation efforts, particularly influencing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). With the rapid progression of technology and computing power, organizations across various sectors are generating immense amounts of data daily, impacting ERP processes. The significance of this data lies in its potential to extract actionable insights, facilitate strategic planning, and drive innovation within the ERP framework. In this context, AI and analytics emerge as pivotal tools, facilitating the extraction of value from the vast amounts of data generated and collected across the enterprise, optimizing ERP functionalities. Analytics is commonly categorized into descriptive, prescriptive, diagnostic, and predictive types, enhancing the ERP landscape. AI algorithms contribute not only to predictive and prescriptive analytics but also empower companies to develop innovative ERP capabilities, exemplified by advancements such as Industry 4.0.

a group of people sitting around a wooden desk in a collaborative meeting, photo taken behind a glass wall | HR Tech Con and Expo 2024
HR Tech Con and Expo Europe 24: AI, people analytics and an improved user experience
Last month’s HR Technology Conference and Exposition 2024 was where HR experts and professionals showcased the latest innovations in HCM technology and discussed how the landscape of HR systems would change in the coming year.
“Data quality makes or breaks”: Qlik CEO pushes for better data at Connect 2024
Qlik Connect 2024 sees new cloud, AI and analytics solutions, AWS and Snowflake partnerships and UNFCCC, Van Oord user wins.
image of Celonis building | Celonis:Next unveils product enhancements, investments and more
Celonis announces new AI-enabled enhancements at Celonis:Next
Celonis' co-CEO and co-founder is most enthusiastic about bringing Process Intelligence to every part of the enterprise.
image of robot hand reaching out to human hand with blue background | Google Cloud and Workday
Google Cloud and Workday upgrade users’ GenAI tools
Google Cloud and Workday have expanded their partnership bringing new GenAI capabilities to enhance how customers build and manage their apps on Workday.
Close up of a circuitboard with orange lights on the left and blue lights on the right |
Are LLMs the future of ERP technology?
Large language models can process a vast array of data in context, essentially laying the foundations for automation solutions. EY, empowered by a LLM, launched its AI platform,, in September 2023 and shared with us the benefits of the new, collaborative efforts.
a red traffic sign with a figure of a person inside it and the word trust written | Can AI regulations help build trust in the technology?
Can AI regulations help build trust in the technology?
As AI continues to proliferate, the need to balance its use and potential harm is becoming a priority for policymakers and regulators.
a warehouse with boxes and a forklift | Time of change: How British logistics companies can embrace AI and sustainability
Time of change: How British logistics companies can embrace AI and sustainability
Supply chain workers are engaging with tech to improve delivery tracking but are yet to unlock the potential of data analytics, ML and AI.
Image of Accenture building | Accenture invests in predictive simulation company, Turbine
Accenture invests in predictive simulation company, Turbine
Accenture invests in Turbine to advance biopharma services, leveraging AI to accelerate drug development and reveal hidden biological insights.
Construction site Enerfab SAP RISE Smarter Projects AI
The Potential of Smarter Projects with Enerfab’s Rajesh Kapoor
Enerfab's Rajesh Kapoor speaks with ERP Today to shed light on how his company is leveraging SAP and Microsoft tech for smarter projects.
How AI in ERP will drive smarter cloud cost control
With the rapid developments currently being seen in generative Artificial Intelligence (gen-AI), existing ERP systems can be enhanced and augmented in new ways to extend, enhance and augment their core functionalities. But as important as front-line functionality always is, we...
image of Accenture building
Palo Alto Networks and Accenture expand alliance for AI and cybersecurity
Together, Palo Alto Networks and Accenture aim to help organizations embrace the potential of AI, with a strong cybersecurity base.
image of mountain in clouds with pine forest in foreground | IBM and SAP
Up in the clouds: IBM and SAP expand long-standing collaboration
IBM and SAP have announced plans to expand their over 50-year collaboration and unveil new GenAI capabilities and industry-specific cloud solutions to help clients unlock business value.
a man looking thorough binoculars | Leadership and AI share the spotlight in the future of work
Leadership and AI share the spotlight in the future of work
What do AI and leadership have in common? As technology continues to evolve, the two will go hand in hand to determine organizations' success
image of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK | Aberdeen City Council and Microsoft
Aberdeen City Council to double query responses with Microsoft chatbot
Aberdeen City Council has launched an enhanced version of its AB-1 in Azure, to optimize and scale its chatbot.
AWS Summit London keynote stage
AWS London Summit heralds user opportunity during times of crisis
London is calling for the AWS Summit: Here’s what you need to know from this year’s conference, from Bedrock updates to the latest user wins.
Salesforce office building | Salesforce launches AI-powered capabilities and governance bundles
Salesforce launches AI-powered capabilities and governance bundles
Salesforce unveils AI tools for banks, streamlining dispute management and implementing secure AI rollouts, aiming for enhanced customer experiences and innovation.
a blue chip with AI written on it attached to a motherboard | Snowflake launches open LLM Arctic to cater to enterprise needs
Snowflake launches open LLM Arctic to cater to enterprise needs
Snowflake has announced a large language model (LLM), Snowflake Arctic, designed to set a precedent for open enterprise-grade LLMs.
telecommunications tower with a dark sky background | Snowflake's CTO Fawad Qureshi talks telecommunications
Snowflake’s CTO Fawad Qureshi talks telecommunications
Fawad Qureshi of Snowflake explores telecom modernization, GenAI, partnerships and sustainability, envisioning connectivity and societal impact for a more equitable world.
A supply chain shipment in the water with birds.
Shipping off to AI! SAP debuts new AI capabilities in supply chain solutions
In response to the mounting pressures facing manufacturers worldwide, SAP has announced new AI advancements in its supply chain solutions. 
Microsoft logo on a black front door | Cognizant and Microsoft expand partnership
Cognizant and Microsoft expand partnership to make GenAI widely available
Microsoft and Cognizant's expanded partnership comes alongside Cognizant's purchase of 25,000 M365 Copilot seats for its associates and more...
image of Temple, Fujisan and Sun | Oracle Japan
Oracle Japan reveals plans to invest $8bn in cloud computing and AI
Oracle Japan has announced its plans to invest over $8bn over the next ten years to meet the growing demand for cloud computing and AI infrastructure in Japan.
Lake - SAP Datalakes AI data lakehouses - and dilemma | SAP Data
SAP customers’ dilemma in the data and AI ecosystem
SAP's offerings continue to evolve, aiming to provide a unified approach to data management and analytics, solving age old user dilemma.
image of a robotic finger touching human, "creation of Adam" reference, with a pink background | Zendesk AI news
Zendesk collaborates with AWS and Anthropic to build trust in AI
Zendesk has announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Anthropic to offer faster, more efficient and accurate AI features for customers. The company has also unveiled its new AI-powered service solutions at the Relate global conference.
Abstract blurry image of several different blue dots at the end of fiber wires, looking like light blue sparklers | SplashBI analytics
The right analytics tool could be the spark your business needs for growth
Analytics tools have evolved beyond simple reporting; maybe it’s time you investigated how much it can positively affect your business. New technology doesn't always make matters complex; in some cases, it can even simplify processes.
Five current trends in the AI industry every business leader should know about
Read the list of top five trends to watch for supporting AI tools for business in this article from Celonis. Leaders in any size organization can stay ahead and be prepared for the inevitable impact AI will have on your business.
abstract image of a man in front of blue, white and yellow digital light; AI concept
Deloitte expands GenAI footprint to boost clients’ business growth
Deloitte has expanded its global Gen AI network to provide clients with regional capabilities to explore solutions for business growth.
IBM Institute of Business Value
Developed in partnership with Oracle, this new paper explores how HR leaders can facilitate a generative AI-empowered culture. Our action guide outlines 10 ways HR can serve as a strategic advisor to develop a people-centric model that best positions the enterprise for the future.