Quality and Testing

Quality and Testing are integral components of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Rigorous testing processes are implemented across ERP modules to identify and rectify potential issues, guaranteeing seamless functionality. Quality assurance measures within ERP systems encompass data accuracy, system integrations, and compliance with industry standards. Thorough testing protocols address security, user interfaces, and the overall user experience, ensuring a healthy and error-free ERP environment. Continuous quality improvement is facilitated through regular updates, patches, and feedback mechanisms. By prioritizing Quality and Testing, ERP systems uphold their effectiveness, providing organizations with reliable and high-performance solutions that meet evolving business needs while maintaining the integrity of data and processes.

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What is UAT and how can you do it better?
What is UAT and how can you do it better?
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) verifies if software meets user needs before launch, which is crucial for smooth operations. Howver, some of its challenges include managing updates and processes effectively.
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abstract technololgy image / The secret to reducing outsourced software testing
The secret to reducing outsourced software testing
In-house tools such as Original Software offers faster, cheaper and better software testing solutions, surpassing outsourcing in efficiency, cost-effectiveness and effectiveness.
Close up of a robot hand made of white polymers and futuristic material, it's reaching out as if to offer someone help | Opkey Generative AI
AI – beyond chatbots and into testing automation
The latest technological advances are here to help your job, not replace it. Generative AI software can enhance the ERP testing lifecycle at every stage, boosting efficiency in multiple ways. 
Frustrated and angry looking lady in front of her laptop, chewing on a pencil with rage | SoftwareOne cloud skills gap
Third of businesses suffer financially from the cloud skills gap, SoftwareOne research reveals
A recent report by SoftwareOne Holding AG has shown 98 percent of global organizations are facing a cloud skills gap, resulting in an average of five month delays to digital transformation projects and a third of businesses taking a significant financial hit.
A frustrated man sitting down at a table with his laptop, running his hand through his hair looking exasperated | manual testing original software
How to reduce your manual testing by up to 60%
The more you can do to make the manual testing process intuitive and painless for business users, the faster and smoother it will go.
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