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Member Exclusives
photo of three men on stage at Infor Velocity Tour
Munchies and motorcycles: A fireside chat at Infor Velocity World Tour
Intersnack and Triumph Motorcycles talk sweetening their ERP systems to drive innovation at the Infor Velocity World Tour fireside chat.
Construction site Enerfab SAP RISE Smarter Projects AI
The Potential of Smarter Projects with Enerfab’s Rajesh Kapoor
Enerfab's Rajesh Kapoor speaks with ERP Today to shed light on how his company is leveraging SAP and Microsoft tech for smarter projects.
a computer on a desk in a messy and cluttered environment | The definition of madness. Still driving ERP business change without due care and attention
Why driving ERP business change without due care is madness
Taplin details how more than two decades after his team compiled an "Enterprise Code”, not much has changed in the ERP business change space.
a woman helping an older woman in a wheelchair toward the sun in a field | social worker relief initiatives by Barnsley Council
How local government can use AI for more “breathing space”
The lives of UK councils are not getting any easier. ERP Today sits down with Barnsley Council executive to discuss how technology can help.