CRM and Customer Experience

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) collaboratively shape a holistic customer experience. ERP integration with CRM can create a unified platform for managing business processes and customer interactions. This integration ensures a cohesive flow of information across departments, streamlining operations and enhancing customer service. CRM focuses on customer interactions, tracking engagement, and tailoring experiences, while ERP manages internal processes, inventory, and resource allocation. The synergy between ERP and CRM optimizes data-driven decision-making, resulting in a more responsive and customer-centric organization. By aligning these systems, businesses cultivate a comprehensive approach to customer experience, fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction through efficient processes and personalized interactions.

buildings and skyscrapers in Hong Kong Miramar
Hong Kong conglomerate Miramar Group transforms CX with SAP Emarsys
Miramar Group has announced it is leveraging SAP Emarsys to advance its customer experience by harmonizing customer data from business units.
Celebration sparks: Onapsis webinar
A Year in Review with Onapsis Research Labs: Insights to Inform your 2024 ERP Security Strategy
The A Year in Review with Onapsis Research Labs webinar is for SAP users to gain insights from industry experts for 2023 trends.
image of Singapore | Accenture and Jixie
Accenture to acquire Singapore-based marketing company, Jixie
Accenture has agreed to acquire media and marketing technology company, Jixie, to help clients in Indonesia deliver more personalized experiences to enhance customer engagement for business growth.
McDonald's meal | Accenture and McDonald's expand partnership
Accenture is making sure your Big Mac is extra fresh
By expanding their longstanding partnership, Accenture will aid McDonald's to move forward with its innovation, and improve the quality of its customer and employee care.
image of abstract social media/business/CX | Navixus
Tech Mahindra launches Navixus to transform businesses
Tech Mahindra has announced the launch of its new business unit, Navixus, within the company’s Business Process Services (BPS).
image of Sanjit Biswas, CEO and co-founder of Samsara | Samsara Q3
Samsara surpasses $1bn in ARR with strong Q3 24 results
Samsara has reported its financial results for Q3 for fiscal year 2024, ending October 28, 2023. The company reported revenue growth of 40 percent year-on-year (YoY) rising to $237.5m compared to Q3 FY23 of $169.8m.
Marc Benioff | Salesforce Q3
Salesforce releases Q3 results in “huge year of transformation”
Salesforce has announced its results for its third quarter fiscal 2024, ending October 31, 2023.
The slack logo appears on a laptop screen | Slack CEO
Salesforce exec Denise Dresser appointed as new Slack CEO
Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff has announced the appointment of Denise Dresser as new chief executive officer of Slack.
slow exposure lights photographed on a bridge
Certinia PS Cloud revolutionizes Siemens’ business and customer experience
Siemens Digital Industries Software works with companies across various industries to optimize designs and offer aftermarket service.
Scrabble tiles that say listen more : gartner certinia customer experience
Shut up and listen to your customers
Customer satisfaction broken down into three primary elements: Simplify, focus and listen!
Oracle + IBM
Accelerate your journey to Oracle Cloud and transform with IBM's cognitive and automation solutions, tailored by industry and business process domain.
By digitizing and automating siloed processes, we dramatically improve experiences for those who work for you and those who work with you.
At SAP, our purpose is to help the world run better and improve people's lives. Our promise is to innovate to help our customers run at their best.