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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates smoothly with cloud platforms, representing a pragmatic evolution in technology. The collaboration between ERP and cloud technology offers practical advantages, including scalability, accessibility, and agility for businesses. This combination enables real-time collaboration, data analytics, and improved security. Embracing the cloud allows ERP systems to adapt dynamically to changing business needs. Cloud-based ERP solutions offer efficient resource utilization, cost-effectiveness, and swift deployment, contributing to operational efficiency. In the current landscape of digital transformation, the integration of ERP with cloud technology serves as a practical strategy, ensuring businesses remain adaptable, competitive, and technologically proficient.

What is UAT and how can you do it better?
SAP S/4HANA accelerates Seagate Technology’s digital transformation
SAP rolls out S/4HANA & BW/4HANA at Seagate Technology, enhancing ERP for global operations, aiding digital transformation journey and advancing business processes.
Data Migration International
Building on over 27 years of industry experience, our team develops innovative products to simplify and accelerate digital transformation. Our flagship solution JiVS IMP independently manages the entire information life cycle, transforming complex legacy infrastructures into concrete business value.
image of Accenture building | Accenture acquires management consultancy Insight Sourcing
Accenture acquires management consultancy Insight Sourcing
Accenture has announced the acquisition of provider of strategic sourcing and procurement services, Insight Sourcing.
We have decades of experience in technology, accounting and business transformation and have access to a wide network of trusted professionals on hand to meet your business needs.
Ligentia joins Servicenow partner program
Ligentia becomes newest member of the ServiceNow partner program
Ligentia joins Servicenow's partner program to enhance supply chain operations, finance and logistics through digital transformation, leveraging expertise and technology.
spinnaker support logo
Spinnaker Support
Spinnaker Support is the industry’s highest-rated support services provider for Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce enterprise software solutions.
a computer screen with open pages of code with glasses on a desk
Deloitte India teams up with SAP India to boost customer innovation
Deloitte India and SAP India have entered an agreement to help customers transform business processes with SAP’s Business Technology Platform
a person taking a picture of a cloud with a smartphone
Google Cloud forges partnerships with Motorola Solutions and Kyndryl
Google Cloud and Motorola Solutions have announced an agreement innovating cloud solutions across Motorola’ safety and security technologies.
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Verizon Business launches multi-cloud management for NaaS offering
Verizon Business has announced NaaS Cloud Management to enable businesses to control application components across multiple cloud environments
man and woman in front of a laptop
The Ultimate guide to buying ERP software
Read the guide by Global Shop Solutions to help you through the entire ERP buying journey. From learning the ERP software basics, to budgeting, to building a complete checklist for evaluation potential providers, this guide covers everything you will need to make critical decisions.
SNP Group
Bridge the gap between your business goals and your digital infrastructure, quickly and with reduced risk. We can get you there.
floating cubes with hand reaching
Why Does ‘Composable’ Have to Be Limited to ERP? by Boomi
The concept of a composable architecture is linked to ERP — breaking apart specific components into bite-size pieces that can be more quickly and easily updated or exchanged for new functionality without having to tackle the entire massive application. Read the blog by Boomi.
business people around a laptop with digital graphic
The Value of Data for a Composable ERP Architecture by Boomi
SAP and Oracle users are being forced into cloud migration, but many other businesses are jumping at the opportunity to relinquish on-premises application management for a cloud- or hybrid on-premises/cloud architecture. And that means dealing with a lot of data, and a lot of applications. Read the blog by Boomi.
Someone's hand tapping away at a laptop screen with a stylus, on top of a reflective, glass table |
Predicting the future of ERP testing
With AI threatening to stick a thumb in every pie it comes across, what kind of effects will it have on testing as a whole? Original Software’s Carl Andrews shares his thoughts on the pipeline for the foreseeable future.
woman writing on whiteboard
Blog: How to ensure a successful implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP
In this blog post, we will delve into the crucial elements that contribute to a successful implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) while also addressing common pitfalls that can hinder progress and result in project delays and even failure.
man on computer with technology graphics in the background
Brochure: Accelerate your journey to the cloud with Accelalpha’s Cloud Roadmap.
Read this comprehensive plan that describes which cloud applications will be implemented, the associated costs, and the resulting value that the plan will deliver. It is designed to take you on an accelerated journey to the cloud, ensuring that you reap the rewards of your cloud investment immediately.
Microsoft's office building | Microsoft’s shows positive Q1 2024 results amid faster cloud growth
Microsoft Q2 hails shift to “applying AI” amidst cloud influx
Microsoft Q2 earnings for the financial year 2024 have surpassed analysts’ expectations, driven by intelligent cloud business and the lure of AI.
Sunset on clouds: RISE with SAP User
SAP addresses user concerns with RISE with SAP Migration and Modernization Program
SAP has unveiled its latest initiative, the RISE with SAP Migration and Modernization program, in response to consistent user concerns
image of Mark Moffat, CEO of IFS
IFS’ ‘customer obsession’ pays off: Moffat gets closer to $1bn win
IFS has announced its full-year financial results, flaunting a cloud revenue jump of 46 percent as customers move to IFS Cloud.
Sophie Graham, IFS chief sustainability officer
IFS appoints Sophie Graham as chief sustainability officer
IFS has announced the appointment of Sophie Graham as chief sustainability officer, reflecting the commitment to its sustainability strategy.
A close up of a shop sign, showing 'open' in a large font | Coop Danmark KPS
KPS delivers end-to-end process upgrades to retail group Coop Danmark
In cooperation with KPS, the Danish retail group Coop Danmark has successfully implemented and orchestrated a SAP S/4HANA migration of its end-to-end process landscape, ranging from procurement to supply chain, sales and finance.
woman standing with a laptop in a server room
Whitepaper: Does your Oracle system need a health check?
For organizations still relying on legacy and on-premises versions of Oracle applications, Accelalpha offers the unique ability to perform a health check to assess how these Oracle applications are meeting the needs of the organization. A health check is a...
We help solve business problems with supply chain and logistics processes, procurement, customers' buying experience, and enterprise-wide financial planning and reporting.
CEO Bill McDermott | ServiceNow sees “tailwind of growth” with GenAI in Q3 23 success
ServiceNow’s Q4 signals “rock solid and growing core business” in new era
ServiceNow's fourth quarter results exceeded guidance across all Q4 2023 topline growth and profitability metrics.
New SAP financials a pivotal point on cloud roadmap, with AI focus
CEO Christian Klein comments on Q4 results that "SAP is opening the next chapter... intensifying the shift of investments to strategic growth areas, above all AI."
A crowd of people at a live show with their hands outstretched to the air and with bright lights shining down on the crowd | SplashBI Live Nation
Sing it loud and proud! SplashBI support Live Nation with their reporting woes
Global live-music events promoter and venue operator, Live Nation, handles a gargantuan amount of data spread across various segments. It needed a tech update to be able to handle the day-to-day processes comfortably, an update SplashBI were more than happy to implement.
Blog: Free vs Build vs Buy – data loading solutions
Data loading is one of the most important processes for your business. Whether you’re a small company or one with more complex data processing needs, you’ll require efficient procedures to help sort all of your data. Learn more from More4Apps about the different options in Data Loading Solutions.