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Workday at Google: a ‘cloud-based people system’
Almost everyone has had a tough job that they really found hard to cope with on a professional level at some point in their lifetime. In those kinds of roles, the Human Resources (HR) function can feel like quite an...

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ERP Live! An alternative look at building a business case for modernisation with London City Airport, Microsoft and HSO
Conventional wisdom tells us that quantifying the business case for transformation is a top priority. CFOs like to know how their investment will be repaid and many project sponsors place ROI at the top of the list before signing off...

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Can ERP save the world?
There’s a hypothesis in cosmology and astrophysics called the Fermi Paradox that ponders a simple question – where are the aliens? This thought experiment illuminates the contradiction between the absence of evidence for extraterrestrial life and the mathematical prediction that life should be evident throughout the cosmos

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