Castle in the Clouds : SAP Microsoft cloud collab
SAP and Microsoft’s fairytale ending with cloud collab success story
As Microsoft credits successful Q1 24 to cloud initiatives, has the Microsoft/SAP cloud collab gotten its 'fairytale in the cloud' ending?
As NTT Data buys up SAP licenses, are SIs now horsemen of the HANA-pocalypse?
NTT DATA has announced a plan to repurchase legacy and on-premises SAP licenses to help ease customer cloud migrations. But is this enough?
A frustrated man sitting down at a table with his laptop, running his hand through his hair looking exasperated | manual testing original software
How to reduce your manual testing by up to 60%
The more you can do to make the manual testing process intuitive and painless for business users, the faster and smoother it will go.
image of leaf growing from a pile of money | Oracle and IBM
Move over finance, it’s time for a new value metric
Paul Esherwood speaks with Jonathan Wright, IBM senior managing director for sustainability, and Jon Chorley, Oracle's chief sustainability officer.
Gartner on why CFOs need inhuman accountants
Exclusive: Mark D. McDonald, senior director analyst in the Gartner Finance Practice, talks GenAI use in the financial space
Two laptops on a desk with a close up camera shot of two pairs of hands, each of them writing plans on a shared piece of paper | CFOs cloud
A cloud-juiced CFO can unleash a new era of financial excellence
For CFOs to stay afloat, knowledge of the latest technological developments will be necessary. Here's how cloud technology can help CFOs turboboost their respective businesses.
Workday fuels future work strategies with multiple tiers of AI
Workday held the US leg of its annual user event in San Francisco this week. Workday Rising was a vibrant mix of Human Resources (HR) people, finance specialists and software application development professionals all blended into one heady mix of...
The advent of value-based maintenance and how to reap the rewards
Servitization is too often looked at in isolation as an independent trend, but it represents the entirety of a customer journey. To reap the benefits of it, organizations can make changes such as apply intelligence to the approach.
UKISUGERP Today Live! talks UKISUG Connect
Craig Dale explains what to expect from the UKISUG 2023 conference, and why it is regarded so highly.
Embridge ConsultingERP Today Live! with Embridge Consulting
Change mobilization - is there a foolproof formula to a successfully implemented transformation?
Unit4ERP Today Live! with Unit4’s Mike Ettling
How can business leaders improve organizational resiliency? Mike Ettling, CEO of Unit4 explores more with Paul Esherwood.
SAPERP Today Live! with Vivien Boche and Sharon Peters
SAP rising star Vivien Boche and Boldyn CIO Sharon Peters discuss how to navigate the industry as a young female professional.
erp today awardsERP Today Awards 2023 Highlights
More than 3,000 ERPers and NHS staff enjoyed a sun-soaked day at glorious Royal Ascot for the 2023 instalment of the ERP Today Awards. City Dynamics raced to the finish to win the top prize for the “Transformation Project of the...
Unit4ERP Today Live! with Unit4
Just how important is the customer experience? Jean de Villiers, chief customer officer at Unit4, sits down with Giacomo Lee to discuss the untapped potential of industrial personalization and how to enhance the customer journey.
MicrosoftERP Today Live! with Microsoft
What does AI mean for SMEs and, with such a fast pace of change, what does effective adoption look like? Microsoft’s Amit Sinha and Adam Stewart cover the bases with Giacomo Lee in this ERP Today Live! session.
SplashBiERP Today Live! with SplashBI
A look at how to make reporting consistent across different systems by building data pipelines for cloud systems to get all the data into a data warehouse.
A quotation bubble made up of hundreds of people to depict a group | User groups in ERP
Hug! The history and hereafter of user groups
Debra Lilley, vice president of customer success at Inoapps, discusses the very important role of user groups in the ERP industry.
A robotic figure captured in a mid-running motion | AI
Race for the prize: An update on the AI race as ChatGPT speeds ahead
All vendors bring distinctive value propositions to enterprises - choose wisely or find yourself obsolete in the age of AI!
Cloudy vision begone? How to clarify our view of SaaS in the name of security
A murky mass of cloud instances is not good for business. Instead, we want cloud clarity, visibility and observability to secure virtualized compute and data services.
A puddle of oil : DaaS
After the oil spill comes AI to fill in the gaps for enterprises
For AI to succeed it needs data and computation, so let’s look into the reasons why CxOs need to now have DaaSrolling off their tongues.
abstract AI image
GenAI for enterprise: the AI guru view
Pascal Bornet and Kieran Gilmurray discuss the impact of GenAI, its impact in the workplace and how it has changed the workforce.
abstract image of green palm trees with purple background | ESG
The big supply chain data green-up
James Veale, co-founder at GreenToken by SAP discusses ESG 'washing' and turning a green blockchain into reality.
A picture of legos built into a sphere.
How Kubernetes is steering ERP cloud deployments
For many people, the real age of cloud composability started just less than a decade ago with the birth of Kubernetes in 2014.
The start of a beautiful friendship
Workday’s partner strategy historically leveraged two key global relationships and a small cohort of boutique partners to deliver.
Shutterstock image | Workday
Thriving in a changing world – how to seize the opportunity
Angelique De Vries, EMEA president, Workday, discusses how the company have adapted to the ever-changing tech environment.
Doctor wearing his coat and with a stethoscope around his neck examines a phone in his hands, you cannot see the doctor's head | healthcare Oracle
OracleLatest Oracle mobile additions are a fresh shot of adrenaline for healthcare organizations
Oracle has upgraded their mobile capabilities to help healthcare organizations reduce inventory errors, improve restock efficiency and gain the visibility needed to better predict demand and optimize stock availability.
A closeup of a handshake between two males in suits, you can only see their hands in a firm grasp with each other | Inoapps McKeel
InoappsThomas McKeel joins Inoapps as global practice lead EPM
The appointment is said by the firm to signal the growth of Inoapps Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).
Futuristic city scape with bright, neon lights highlighting tall buildings during the night | Inoapps modernization
InoappsInoapps and Oracle Cloud Apps: the first steps on the path to modernization
Modernizing processes and adopting new technology is an issue that needs to be addressed by most businesses. Before that decision is made, however, you need to identify what you hope to gain out of the new tech. 
Top-down view of a city skyline, showing multiple skyscrapers, a river running-through and a lovely sunset | Boomi
AmericasPreventing business boondoggles with Boomi
The already pressing need for organizations to transform their operations to stay competitive exploded into an “or else” during the pandemic. Companies suddenly had to provide digital access to anywhere, anytime services.
Image taken under the Ceram sea, Tropical West Pacific Ocean. A diversity of hard corals thriving on a shallow reef, reflected in a calm surface of the sea. Misool, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.
Blue Marine Foundation: Saving our seas in real time
Blue Marine's project with integrator City Dynamics is proof that while stargazing is an easy habit to fall into when it comes to tech, sometimes the best stories of transformation are happening “down to Earth”. Such stories are happening very much in the here and now, with real-time consequences for everyone on our embattled planet.