image of person holding a welder with sparks flying at the camera | manufacturers
Why small and mid-size manufacturers need collaboration
Compared to large organizations, most small to mid-size manufacturers have very limited resources which can impact the business. Collaborating with customers, suppliers, software developers, product designers and other industry related businesses enable smaller manufacturers to co-create their business manufacturing processes and the products that result from them. 
yellow smiley and frowning faces | Applying user psychology for successful change management and ERP implementation
Applying user psychology for successful change management and ERP implementation
User psychology can lend a helping hand with change management as it relies on understanding the needs and concerns of end users/ employees to help navigate the challenges.
Overhead view of an auditorium showing a vast array of different people | CloudRock Workday Learning
How to build an effective ERP learning environment
It’s all well and good to have access to a comprehensive ERP training program, but without the right teaching method to guide users, a massive font of ERP knowledge and teaching programs have the potential to become overwhelming, confusing and ineffective. 
A homeless camp showing three different tents strung together | NewRocket ServiceNow
How municipal services can leverage ERP tech to improve outreach efforts
The City of Reno wanted to update its outreach program with technology that would be able to monitor and collate data from several different sources. NewRocket and ServiceNow teamed up to create DROPS, an app that enhances the abilities of outreach workers.
A darkened close up of a server with symmetrical blue cabling and faint lights | Spinnaker Support
Firms are missing a trick by not even considering third-party support
ERP Today sat down with Spinnaker’s Martin Biggs, VP and managing director of EMEA and strategic initiatives, to try and understand why firms were hesitant to explore outside their platform providers.
A man and a woman sitting at a computer as the woman points at the screen and comtemplates something | training CloudRock
How to build an effective learning environment
Training, upskilling and reskilling are necessary processes that come hand-in-hand with most digital transformations. Creating the right learning environment for a workforce that needs to get to grips with new technology can be the difference between failure and success with a tech implementation.
Happy coworkers celebrating something on a laptop screen in a room containing many files | workforce Accelalpha
The talent you need already exists within your workforce
Hiring new talent to oversee new technology can be a long process that doesn’t always guarantee quick results. Rather than looking externally for a spark of creativity or innovation, firms do their workforce a disservice by not even considering an upskilling/reskilling service.
image of moon perfectly centered between the clouds | Cloud
Accelerating to Cloud does not need to be complex
Migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) can be a complex process that comes with its challenges and requires forethought and careful execution.
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Webinar: Unlock Additional Value from Oracle eBusiness Suite
Oracle licensees face reduced support, forced upgrades, and cloud pressure. Rimini Street’s Smart Path offers a pragmatic review, a clear roadmap, and client insights to manage ERP changes on your timeline.
Webinar: Why you should defer migration to S/4HANA and RISE
Watch to discover how hundreds of SAP clients are saving time and gaining flexibility with Rimini Street.
ERP Today Live! with Nextworld
Is ERP as we know it, dying? Stephanie Ball speaks with Nextworld's Vito Solimene, founder and chief software engineer and Lyle Ekdahl, member of the board of advisors to discuss the future of ERP. 
woman at desk with laptop
Webinar: Future-Proof Your Business: The Evolution of Enterprise Systems
Join us for this session where IFS industry experts Andrew Burton and Maggie Slowik will discuss developments which will influence and transform the future of ERP
ERP Today Live! with Boomi
Is composability here to stay? And how can we define the singular experience in ERP? In this ERP Today Live! session, Giacomo Lee hosts a conversation with Ed Macosky chief product and technology officer at Boomi, to discuss all things...
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Webinar: AI for ERP Bank Connectivity: The Good, The Bad and The Scary
Payments fraud continues to be a threat to business leaders and advancements in AI are only making it harder to detect and prevent. Injecting data into your payment journey through APIs and AI improves defenses so your payment compliance operates at machine speed, giving you back control of your payment process.
ERP Today Live! with Certinia and Celonis
In this ERP Today Live! session, Stephanie Ball hosts a conversation with Andy Campbell, Certinia, and Jennifer Atkins, Celonis, to share Celonis’ flexible implementation journey with Certinia’s professional services cloud, while the process intelligence solutions firm undergoes large amounts of growth.
ERP Today Live! with Certinia and UiPath
In this ERP Today Live! session, Certinia's Andy Campbell and UiPath's Ian Turlin, share UiPath’s implementation journey with Certinia’s professional services cloud.
Balancing the books: can ERP cash in on FinOps?
It’s time to cash in and balance the books. Experts from Workday, Red Hat, Nutanix and more talk about FinOps’ influence on ERP.
image of person and robot at computer | AI in HR
AI in HR: the tightrope walker of recruitment
A string of media outlets and research reports today are discussing the crisis in the global job market, with employers struggling to find talent and more candidates finding themselves without a job.
black and white graphic of a person holding a phone next to images of a padlock, wifi sign and web globe | The train outta cyber trouble in the smart city
The train outta cyber trouble in the smart city
When we rely on a growing network of interconnected systems to help our urban societies function, how can we keep them cyber secure? Answers can be found in case studies from the likes of Transport for London and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, as made possible by the work and offerings of AWS and Deloitte respectively.
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SAP S/4HANA: To wait or not to wait, that is the question
On December 31 2027, SAP maintenance for previous ERP systems will expire, leaving those who have not yet migrated to S/4HANA – as the saying goes – "in the dust". So, what options are out there for those still on the verge about what steps to take?
Image of Vivien Boche, senior director SAP BTP CoE, EMEA
Vivien Boche means business
For Gen Z, TikTok is the new search engine - and SAP’s Vivien Boche knows that ideas sell best in a digestible, 60 second video.
a digitally distorted image of a monument's head | Crossing the digital divide in the public sector
Crossing the digital divide in the public sector
ServiceNow’s Dr Raj Iyer tells all on public sector passions, challenges and what cloud technology can do for governments and citizens now.
Minos Ataliotis, CEO CloudRock
Cloudy with a chance of curveballs
The times are a-changing: Giacomo Lee discusses human capital management today with consultancy CloudRock's CEO, Minos Ataliotis.
An illustration of a person looking ahead at the choice of two paths.
Cloud vendors can’t ditch on-prem: It’s a love/hate relationship
Is it a good match? The history and happenings of cloud vendors' difficult relationship with on-premise solutions.
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Extending the value of SAP to streamline VAT determination and compliance
In this guide, we introduce you to the current environment and help you make the business case for extending the value of your SAP ERP with integrated tax technology.
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Are you ready for the future of tax?
This eGuide provides insight for the tax department to show how they can drive business growth, boost corporate agility, and help future-proof indirect tax determination and compliance.
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Ten things great manufacturers won’t do
This briefing by Global Shop Management lists the ten things the best manufacturers try not to do and how their business has succeeded amid the challenges in keeping a modernized ERP.
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Why Does ‘Composable’ Have to Be Limited to ERP? by Boomi
The concept of a composable architecture is linked to ERP — breaking apart specific components into bite-size pieces that can be more quickly and easily updated or exchanged for new functionality without having to tackle the entire massive application. Read the blog by Boomi.