Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) serves as a cornerstone in ensuring effective Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) within organizations. By integrating GRC modules, ERP systems provide a centralized platform to manage and monitor governance practices, identify and mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This  approach enhances transparency and accountability across various business processes. ERP’s real-time reporting and analytics capabilities enable organizations to proactively identify potential risks and address compliance issues promptly. The integration of GRC within ERP streamlines workflows, promoting a culture of risk-aware decision-making. This synergy empowers organizations to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, mitigate risks efficiently, and uphold the highest standards of governance, ensuring a resilient and compliant operational environment.

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Building a resilient workplace: Enterprise of the future
The definition of work is continually changing due to technology, skill-based approaches, and the shift to hybrid models for a future-ready workplace.
A yellow road sign with the words 'slowly please' across the front of its diamond-shaped face, in the background is a lush forest | Brake Samsara
Samsara supports drive for road safety charity Brake
Samsara announced it has become a supporting member of Brake, a road safety charity. Its recent support will help a drive to reduce road injuries, assist people affected by road incidents and campaign for safer roads. 
laptop / how technology can help organizations get their houses in order
How technology can help organizations get their houses in order
The new EPR legislation will come into effect in 2025 and will require most large organizations to collect and report on plastic usage in their supply chain. Technology will be key in aiding companies to do so.
image of security camera | EY and BlueVoyant
EY US collabs with BlueVoyant for cyber risk management
EY US has entered into a strategic alliance with BlueVoyant, a cyber defense company, to provide proven cyber risk management design.
Janina Bauer and Renske Prins at Celosphere | Celonis launches new Material Emissions App to ease Scope 3 reporting
Celonis launches new Material Emissions App to ease Scope 3 reporting
Celonis has launched its new Material Emissions App to simplify how organizations measure, report and reduce Scope 3 emissions in procurement
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