AMBSE leverages HPE Aruba Networking to enhance fan experience

image of Mercedes Benz stadium | AMBSE

AMB Sports and Entertainment (AMBSE) has selected HPE’s Aruba Networking solution to support the premier fan experiences by modernizing its wireless network with a WI-FI 6E solution.

This deployment allows guests to fly through entry lanes and live stream events in high-definition, while also ensuring that staff and partners have the reliable connectivity needed to power the real-time production technologies.

Kevin Pope, CIO of AMBSE, said: “We wanted to deliver the absolute best connectivity to our guests, fans and in-venue production staff.

“HPE Aruba Networking provides us with the secure, reliable infrastructure critical to entertaining, engaging and informing our guests for award-winning gameday and major event experiences.”

Hosting over 50 major sporting and entertainment events and welcoming three million guests annually, the 75,000-seat stadium adopted WI-FI 6E throughout the entire facility which supplied AMBSE with the next-gen WI-FI needed to continue delivering a great experience for fans.

With expectations continually on the rise, the need for streaming high-definition video of on-site excitement to their family, friends and online audiences, the capability to provide massive amounts of bandwidth is vital to AMBSE meeting its experience goals.

“At some of our headliner events we’re now seeing an average of 600MBps for each attendee,” continued Pope. “That’s a substantial increase in just a few years. This makes our new WI-FI 6E deployment critical to supporting both customer expectations and the back-of-the-house applications we use to orchestrate the best-in-class experiences we deliver to every attendee, at every event, to make them feel appreciated, valued and respected.”

With its new Wi-Fi, AMBSE plans to enhance the offerings within the stadium app, including the introduction of precision wayfinding.

“We’re really excited to leverage our new Wi-Fi for a variety of new capabilities to further advance the options our customers have to customize gamedays and event experiences like never before,” said Pope. “We appreciate the strong partnership we’ve built with HPE Aruba Networking that is enabling us to make our connected stadium goals happen.”