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The state of AI and UK healthcare
The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the pace of global change and the pressure on companies to respond. But, despite rapidly building their digital capabilities during the pandemic many  organisations are yet to fully embrace transformation
Productivity and people – why finance is so much more than balancing the books
Advanced CFO Andrew Hicks discusses insights and statistics that have come from the Advanced Workforce Trends Survey. The article analyses key take-outs from a finance perspective.
Can ERP save the world?
There’s a hypothesis in cosmology and astrophysics called the Fermi Paradox that ponders a simple question – where are the aliens? This thought experiment illuminates the contradiction between the absence of evidence for extraterrestrial life and the mathematical prediction that life should be evident throughout the cosmos
Why multi-cloud is the New Normal
Not long ago the IT landscape of an enterprise was a simple affair: one or a few data centres, usually determined by location requirements, would create a system landscape that every IT person with 10 or more year’s work experience grew up with. Fast forward to the 2010s and the landscape was characterised by duality – meaning that the data centres were still there – and a few workloads in the cloud, most likely a single cloud.
Will low-code / no-code drive or fix ERP technical debt?
It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon, especially in technology circles. When the next ‘killer app’ comes along (or the next Twitter starts to emerge), every protagonist, futurist, evangelist (and possibly a few tech-polygamists) wants a share of voice and a slice of the market pie.
Can a new entrant change the game in the experience economy?
Getting the band back together is not always a prudent idea. How many times have we seen legends reform in their twilight years only to undo their previous good work and rewrite their legacy with a failed attempt at making it again?
Living the EAM Dream: How asset management has changed
Asset Performance Management (APM) is the evolution of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), so how will this technology now be applied inside the Industry 4.0 universe to give us the Maintenance 4.0 intelligence we will need to keep running?
Tech trends report 2021
The Deloitte Tech Trends Report is in its twelfth year and looks at current, emerging and future technology trends. It’s essential reading for any digital leader considering it’s widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive and thorough reports of...
Employee expectations in a post-COVID world – a report from Workday and Peakon
2020 was the most disruptive year we’ve seen in recent history for both organisations and their employees when the global spread of COVID-19 completely changed the way we live and work. COVID-19, together with the wave of awareness that flooded...
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