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In this image you can see the new green chrysalis coloration, one that’s about ready to emerge (the clear one), and a butterfly that’s already come out.
Managing Change: The Science of Happy Endings
How can organizations adapt to new disruptive technologies? Yvonne de Ville explains that the most predictable thing about change is its unpredictability.
abstract image of face with cosmic universe, tree, stars and a planet in the background | STEM
An open door to STEM
Richard Pepper speaks with experts on nurturing the next generation of enterprise talent and increasing diverse perspectives in STEM.
Person sitting on the floor reading instructions surrounded by tools, parts and pieces of wood | composable ERP.
Composable ERP: Some assembly required
Matt McLarty discusses the what and why of composable ERP, so you're not left looking with frustration at an ordeal of scattered parts.
Illustration of a woman looking ahead among weaving arrow paths
The unconventional journey of a female leader in ERP
Host of WERP podcast, Abigail Allman, retells a motivational roadmap for all Women in ERP and talks taking a leading role.
abstract image of AI, a cyber brain with blue detailing on a black background | AI
An AI on the Future
With all this attention, you could be forgiven for thinking that AI is a new technology. Phil Lewis says, "let's see how far we can go," as the results of decades of developments come to mainstream fruition.
A quotation bubble made up of hundreds of people to depict a group | User groups in ERP
Hug! The history and hereafter of user groups
Debra Lilley, vice president of customer success at Inoapps, discusses the very important role of user groups in the ERP industry.
A robotic character pointing to a board as two smaller robotic characters look towards it | AI and robotic process automation
Where are all the robots hiding in back office?
Paul Taplin, Voyager Solutions, explores the increased role of AI and robotic process automation in back office ERP systems.
A giant tennis ball surrounded by London, England landmarks such as the Big Ben and the London Eye | Data in sports
Sports data: Why I might be the data bard of the Eisteddfod
It's the season of corporate hospitality events. Chris Gabriel discusses data in sports - and not being the Welsh James Hunt or John McEnroe.
An illustration depicting a figure stood gazing at various graphs and a cloud | Data and technology
Bet big on data literacy for public sector challenges
A cultural shift on how data and technology is perceived, understood and used is fundamental to delivering better public sector outcomes.
an anchor in the sea
Build a resilient organization ready for new global opportunities
Unit4’s CEO Mike Ettling on the global picture in business today as organizational resilience should be the watchword for every CEO.
A robot and a red head.
Our AI future – the young professional view
Reader - are you ready for a trip with me into the world of ERP Tomorrow?
A robot trying to work CHATGPT and it has caught on fire.
How to avoid a ChatGPT catastrophe
Generative AI models such as ChatGPT give much debate around their potential to transform our everyday lives. But what about in an enterprise environment?
image of type writer with red and blue background | RPA
Did Visual Basic halt the rise of our robot overlords?
Robotic process automation (RPA) isn’t new. In the 80s, my dad ran a small engineering company. They bought their first IBM PC because it was the thing to do - and nobody could really fathom it out.
A bank with people sitting all around it on their phones. Cartoon. Risk.
Risk needn’t break the bank: The fix is back office innovation
With time ticking to sort operational resiliency rules, here’s how technology can help banks get to grips with risks.
coffee spilled on a keyboard
Too much data and still no strategy?
In a world overflowing with information, how can businesses start managing their data more intelligently to improve strategy?
Bored with the hybrid worker obsession? Say hi to the hyper worker
Move over Hybrid Worker, and say hello to a new generation of hyper-productive, hyper-happy and hyper-contributing Hyper Workers.
Will the macro environment redefine your business this year – or you?
ServiceNow on how organizations can redefine their businesses this year.
image of tree sapling | Sustainability
Small steps towards big sustainability goals
Rob Churchyard, global Oracle practice leader at IBM on the journey to sustainability: small steps to reach the end goal.
How flexible working makes for an ESG wonderland
The CPO at Unit4 discusses how ESG (particularly the 'S' and 'G') can make for a more productive and committed workforce in the future of work.
Leveraging digital for ESG leadership
IFS’ ESG director discusses how ESG measures have become undeniably mainstream when assessing business performance.
work image | ERP
The midmarket moment has arrived
If you’re reading ERP Today, you know that ERP was critical yesterday and it will remain so tomorrow.
RIP ESG? the honest truth
BML Digital's CTO reframes ESG, debunking former opinions and going beyond greenwashing to reassess changes organizations should embrace.
Saying goodbye to ERP Today
Many years of entrepreneurship have taught me it’s not enough to just start a project: you have to finish it too. We live in a society so obsessed with the new, we tend to not give a lot of time and respect to the closing of a chapter.
Personal Security
Privacy: Straitjacket or competitive advantage?
It’s simply not enough to have data anymore. To unlock value, organisations and businesses must implement a robust data strategy that enshrines a commonly understood and consistently executed set of rules and behaviours for managing data.
The Dragon has awoken and is finding its voice
In Wales, the tech dragon is well and truly roaring and finding its voice, aided and abetted by a series of business-friendly policies that encourage entrepreneurs to develop local businesses that actively contribute to the local economy.
stay home save lives
The fall of Babylon? Lessons for AI in the NHS
Babylon Health’s presence in the NHS should have been beautiful with its AI-based chatbot. The promise of huge savings and efficiencies was huge. In practice, it has been a spectacular failure, even by the standards of public sector IT.
Automation outlook for 2023 and beyond
Economic uncertainty, the need for automation technologies to operate seamlessly together and the rapidly increasing adoption of citizen automation programmes are converging to alter how enterprises will plan for automation in 2023.
Process automation is a people-first concept
Extracting greater functionality and productivity out of existing enterprise software landscapes has always been an important goal for IT and line of business users alike. As business priorities change and new opportunities or threats arise, there’s an almost natural reflex...
Using data to navigate the busy roads of enterprise
Anaplan's Rohit Shrivastava explains how to achieve results from a strong data foundation, even in the face of unpredictable disruption.
How AI is turning issues into opportunities
AI transformation varies by region. Can enterprise keep up with the changing tech? SAP's Ulf Brackmann discusses.