Expert Opinions

From IT delivery to business success: shifting the mid-market project mindset
In a cloud world, ensure the business objectives of your project are clear  
Aligning ESG and digital strategies
In the quest to build sustainable, purpose-driven companies, technology cannot be an afterthought.
An effective metaverse strategy requires a web3 mindset
Businesses might face risks by underpinning their metaverse strategies with a web2 way of thinking.
The tipping point scenario for consumer product supply chains is now
Consumer product (CP) companies are sitting in hot water, right in the middle of a value chain that is transforming across almost every conceivable dimension. And it’s not a stretch too far to say that most are hot under the...
The state of the key HCM vendors for 2022 and beyond
The future of work is changing faster than ever, and people are the biggest asset of any enterprise.
A fair and inclusive future of work needs some planning
For a closer look at how much the Great Resignation is impacting the IT sector and its workforce plans for the future, just look at the data.
Why Ukrainians need UK business to step up refugee support
The story and personal history behind the RefuAid Ukraine business consortium.
The Rise of Industry Vertical Solutions
Both the platform vendor and systems integrator landscapes are changing. Where to put your money?
Welcome to the New World: how Capgemini is solving supply chain challenges
Before the global pandemic, public awareness of supply chains and the dependency on these to move goods around the world was taken for granted.