March 5, 2021

Are you really ready for transformation?

In this ERP Today Live! session Paul Esherwood talks to Anthony Byrne, CEO at EY AgilityWorks, to uncover the key characteristics for successful transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the pace of global change ⁠and the pressure on companies to respond. But, despite rapidly building their digital capabilities during the pandemic many organisations are yet to fully embrace transformation.

Anthony Byrne, CEO, EY AgilityWorks

February 23, 2021

When will ERP deliver on its promise?

Paul Esherwood talks to Unit4 CEO, Mike Ettling, and new chief product officer, Dmitri Krakovkis about the evolution of enterprise applications.

January 28, 2021

Danny Attias #1 ranked CIO in the UK

Danny Attias, CIO at Anthony Nolan and #1 ranked CIO in the UK, talks to ERP Today about the challenges for modern CIOs. This session draws on Danny’s experiences driving a digital mindset and inclusive culture and looks at some of the key issues facing CIOs and digital leaders.

January 26, 2021​​

How To Get Started With Digital Workflows​

ERP Today speaks to Chris Pope, VP of innovation at ServiceNow, about digital workflows and the ServiceNow platform. This is a back to basics session looking at how digital workflows can improve employee experience, drive efficiencies and create value across an enterprise.

November 29, 2020​

We Must Find New Ways To Differentiate Between The ERP Solutions (IFS, Infor, SAP)​

ERP Today hosts a panel discussion between three of the leading industrial ERP providers and asks them to articulate their product roadmap and overarching strategy. Listen to the vendors go head to head on a range of topics including platform architecture, customer care, sustainability, pricing models and time to value.