Blue Prism and AWS unite to transform automation

Blue Prism and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced a global, multiyear, strategic collaboration agreement to transform how businesses provide intelligent automation. 

Expanding on a wide range of automation provided by both companies to date, Blue Prism will build software as a service offerings on AWS whilst working closely with the AWS intelligent automation team to increase the intelligence and accessibility of Blue Prism’s digital robots. This will allow the digital robots to benefit from the broad capabilities available from the Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML) stack. 

 As a part of this collaboration, Blue Prism will accelerate its digital robots’ integrations with AWS applications and services, including Amazon Connect, Amazon Chime, Amazon Lex and Amazon Transcribe.  

Terry Walby, chief executive for Blue Prism Ventures, said: “The world and the workplace are rapidly changing, and there’s enormous opportunity for organisations to use intelligent automation technology to enhance productivity, improve performance and reimagine the way their business operates. The collaboration with AWS will allow us to further enhance our ability to deliver intelligent automation solutions to organisations around the world seamlessly, on demand and at large or international scale.” 

Madhu Raman, worldwide head of intelligent automation at AWS, added: “This relationship will give customers even greater access to intelligent automation solutions that can accelerate their business transformation goals. Joint customers will have an extensive portfolio of real-world automation capabilities at their fingertips, including business process improvements. Customers will also benefit from more agile and flexible cloud-based contact centre solutions that combine our technologies.”