Oracle unveils new innovations across compute, networking and storage

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is expanding with 11 new compute, networking, and storage services and capabilities, enabling customers to run their workloads faster and more securely at lower costs. Users will be provided with flexible services, reducing costs and automatically optimizing resources to match application requirements.

Leading global organizations including Vodafone, Samsung Securities, GoTo and Cox Automotive rely on OCI to run all types of workloads, from microservices to AI.

These new innovations will give customers the option to deploy on bare metal or virtual machines and help them to connect securely to OCI’s virtual cloud network to create isolated, secure environments for their workloads. They will also provide high-performance cloud storage options through object, file, block, and archive storage.

Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president at OCI, said: “OCI continues to break the rules in the cloud, helping customers run their workloads faster, more securely, and more economically. Customers can build cloud-native apps on OCI with support for open, standards-based Kubernetes, while AI and high-performance computing customers can build some of the fastest computing clusters in the cloud.”

Dave McCarthy, research vice president of cloud and edge infrastructure services at IDC, added: “The promise of the cloud has always been paying for only what you need, but over-provision continues due to rigid configuration options in most cloud platforms. OCI has made significant strides to address this problem by introducing new flexible compute, storage, and network infrastructure services over the last year. OCI customers can reduce costs by more accurately matching consumption to demand.”