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How it started:

7FC was founded by 11 equal partners in 2019. Having first met as part of the team of a successful ERP and PMS implementation in the hospitality industry, the partners realized they had stumbled upon a winning ticket. With a group of like-minded, proactive and pragmatic people, this team boasts a combined skill set to manage any business transformation project and manage it well. The executive team decided to join forces and build an adaptive consultancy, focusing on being a quality business partner and working with companies to help them realize and optimize their potential. The rest as they say is history. Having been awarded the UK’s "Fastest Organically Growing Business 2023" (Buzzacott OG25), the organization is on its way to accomplishing the vision that its partners had first conceived four years ago. The vision is to become a true powerhouse in transformation and technology consulting.

7FC's values:

  • Real People
  • Real Solutions
  • Real Results
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