Salesforce drives sustainability initiative with Ferrovial and NTT DATA

image of wind turbine in sunflower field | Salesforce and Ferrovial

Salesforce has announced it has expanded its partnership with global infrastructure operator, Ferrovial, and tech consultancy NTT DATA, to develop the next generation of sustainable infrastructure technology.

In a study conducted by the UN, the transport sector is responsible for approximately a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. By enhancing the management of large infrastructure, Ferrovial aims to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector, develop user-focused solutions, prolong the useful life of assets and improve daily operations.

Leveraging the Salesforce platform, Ferrovial is digitizing the operation and management processes of infrastructure assets which include roads, railways and electrical distribution networks.

Integrating data analytics, building information modeling and the Internet of Things into these infrastructures brings flexibility to the entire life cycle, including data models and workflows.

These innovations will be developed for international application and commercialization via NTT DATA’s center of Excellence in Spain. Additionally, the partnership will also explore how this technology can apply to other areas of infrastructure management such as airports.

Dimitris Bountolos, general director of systems and innovation at Ferrovial, said: “The infrastructures of the future must provide clear value in improving the quality of life of citizens, promoting efficiency, innovation and sustainability.

“Digital technologies play a key role in achieving this goal, as they provide a broader view of the interactions between assets and users, as well as the environmental impact of operations. With NTT DATA’s work and industry knowledge, and the flexibility that the Salesforce platform offers, we can build world-leading infrastructure of the future our people and planet require.”

Arsenio Otero, executive vice president and global sales COO, Salesforce, said: “Together with Ferrovial and NTT DATA, we are excited to improve the productivity of the whole infrastructure ecosystem. We will be able to provide an integrated view of the infrastructure asset, the customer, third parties and employees involved in the project and digitize operations across all the development stages.”