Hello Workday: VNDLY gets fresh face post acquisition

image of Workday building | VNDLY

Workday has announced that VNDLY is now Workday VNDLY, following the firm’s acquisition of the vendor management system (VMS) back in 2021.

This acquisition is part of Workday’s commitment to helping customers enable a unified approach to managing the extended workforce.

Under its new name, Workday VNDLY aims to provide organizations with full visibility into their entire workforce; including total costs, plan and develop talent to meet labor needs, and control compliance and security risks for contingent workers.

This latest development additionally comes with a user interface that will expectantly reflect a new look and feel aligned with the Workday brand. It aims to emphasize that Workday VNDLY is the only VMS that can directly connect to Workday’s core data foundation. The announcement marks Workday as the first enterprise management cloud platform to fully include extended workers in the workforce ecosystem.

Harnessing the power of the real-time connectivity between Workday HCM and Workday VNDLY, one workforce optimization solution will be created that will hopefully enable businesses to plan, execute and analyze for the entire workforce.

Shashank Saxena, co-general manager at Workday VNDLY said: “We already had a really strong foundation in place, which prompted us to ask ourselves, ‘Now, how do we take the value we’re delivering for our customers to the next level?’ We have a robust, native API-based integration with Workday HCM, and our customers are asking for additional API-based integration with other Workday products.”

“If you have a dynamic organization, it’s like a living organism that’s moving and adjusting and doing what needs to be done to get to the goal.” said Mariana Santiago, co-general manager at Workday VNDLY. “There has been a ton of excitement around Workday VNDLY from our customers. They now have the last puzzle piece to intelligently manage their total workforce – full-time employees, frontline workers and contingent labor.

“The Workday VNDLY journey is just starting. We plan to keep connecting and infusing more intelligence into the Workday VNDLY solution. We plan to infuse more machine learning into Workday VNDLY to bring the power of our Workday platform, such as planning and skills, to the world of the extended workforce to intelligently recommend sourcing strategy, optimize resource allocation when demands change, and guide creation of statements of work based on historical insights.”