Accenture expands Project Spotlight portfolio with Praxis Labs

image of From left to right - Heather Shen, co-founder & chief product officer and Elise Smith, co-founder & CEO | Accenture and Praxis Labs

Accenture has invested in Praxis Labs, a New York-based SaaS virtual reality (VR) company with an end-to-end immersive learning platform that helps users develop soft skills to drive equity, inclusion and value in the workplace.

This investment was led by Accenture Ventures as part of its broader Project Spotlight initiative. Praxis Labs is the latest company to join Accenture Venture’s Project Spotlight with previous investments including: Stardog, Virtonomy, Cosmo Tech, VR digital wellness company, BehaVR and many more.

Funded through Accenture’s Black Founders Development Program, this investment reflects the company’s continuous commitment to providing black entrepreneurs with funding, connections with Accenture clients and ecosystem partners and community engagement to help support a new generation of innovators in transforming and growing their companies and building generational wealth.

Founded in 2019, Praxis Labs combines evidenced-based curriculum with learning science, immersive workplace scenarios in VR/MR and actionable insights to improve equity and inclusion for learners and clients to drive individual and organizational change. The platform utilizes immersive learning to target key areas across the talent lifecycle and highlight what individuals and organizations can do to create a better workplace for all, as well as delivering products and services that better serve everyone.

As part of Project Spotlight, Praxis Labs can access Accenture’s domain expertise and its enterprise clients, as well as having the opportunity to co-innovate with Accenture at its Innovation Hubs, Labs and Liquid Studios.

“Black founder innovations, ingenuity and insights are not being brought to fruition largely because they aren’t receiving adequate funding and support to get their ideas off the ground. Accenture’s Black Founders Development Program was launched to help these entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and achieve their goals,” said Kathryn Ross, global Liquid Studios lead and the Black Founders Development Program lead for Accenture Ventures. “Praxis Labs already provides its immersive diversity and inclusion training offerings to many Fortune 500 companies, and we look forward to introducing them to our clients and partners around the world and supporting their mission of delivering meaningful impact and change.”

“Three years after the murder of George Floyd, the general consensus is that not enough has been done to effectively address diversity and inclusion issues in corporate America. Developing ‘human skills’ like how to give fact-based feedback or how to navigate difficult conversations are required to create workplaces that are psychologically safe and enable all perspectives to be heard,” said Elise Smith, co-founder and CEO, Praxis Labs. “Immersive equity and inclusion training can play a powerful role in helping companies achieve their goal of having all their employees show up each day confident and equipped to work across differences and build products and services that serve the diversity of their clients and customers. We believe the support of Accenture Ventures, and in particular the Black Founders Development Program, will help us advance our mission of providing workplace leaders with solutions that drive inclusion, innovation, and value at scale, and ultimately, create a more equitable society.”