Mercedes-Benz drives new customer experiences with Google Cloud

image of a white Mercedes-AMG GT S with green lights in the background | Mercedes-Benz and Google Cloud

Google Cloud has recently announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz as well as a new collaboration with Best Buy and Accenture.

Announced at its Cloud Next ’24 event in Las Vegas, Google Cloud’s partnership with Mercedes-Benz will transform its customer experiences with AI and GenAI technologies on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform. Mercedes will leverage e-commerce capabilities into its online storefront with a GenAI-powered smart sales assistant as well as new Google-quality search and recommendations capabilities.

The automotive company also plans to expand its use of Google Cloud to allow its call center experience to become more seamless and helpful for customers. Leveraging AI and GenAI tools, including Vertex AI and Google’s Gemini models, Mercedes aims to personalize its marketing campaigns and tailor them to its customers.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, said: “Mercedes-Benz has a long history of using technology to create exceptional experiences for their customers.

“We’re excited to help them apply Google’s advanced AI to engage with customers in new ways, from improving customer service to optimizing their website experience, with much more to come from this collaboration in the future.”

Best Buy unlocks “power of the people” with Accenture and Google Cloud

Best Buy, Accenture and Google Cloud have teamed up to deploy GenAI to improve the experience for Best Buy customers looking for support services.

Leveraging Google Cloud’s GenAI technology, Best Buy is creating new and more convenient ways for customers to get the solutions they need. This work aims to provide customers with a self-service option, allowing them to find solutions more independently while also enabling Best Buy customer service agents to better serve clients.

With this technology, Best Buy’s US customers can connect with a GenAI-powered virtual assistant for self-service support starting in late summer this year. In the upcoming months, the retailer will also launch GenAI-enabled capabilities for customer care agents to use while interacting with clients across various internal platforms. Designed to help reduce the workload for agents, these tools can help agents focus on personally connecting with the customer.

Brian Tilzer, chief digital analytics and technology officer at Best Buy, said: “These new GenAI-powered capabilities further enhance our commitment to deliver better, more personalized experiences to our customers by unlocking the power of people.

“We are excited to leverage and tailor these innovations with great partners like Google and Accenture, so we can continue to serve our customers in unique and differentiated ways and make our employees’ jobs easier.”

Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud, said: “Retailers are increasingly tapping into GenAI to create more seamless customer experiences and empower employees with new tools to make their work more impactful.”