Accenture invests in Virtonomy digital twin technology

Accenture - medical device

Accenture has made a strategic investment in Virtonomy, a provider of data-driven simulations that use existing patient data and digital twin technology to bring life-saving medical devices to market more quickly.

Accenture’s investment, part of Accenture Venture’s Project Spotlight, will help Virtonomy further extend its capabilities to medical technology companies across the globe and power the future of medical device design. In addition to capital investments, Virtonomy will gain access to Accenture’s technology domain expertise and its enterprise clients.

Virtonomy’s digital twin simulation solution allows medical device manufacturers to build model patient virtual environments for device testing at a reduced cost and with a lesser degree of regulatory complexity. The solution is based on an ever-expanding database of real clinical data that reflects factors such as anatomical variability, demographic diversity and pathological conditions. It can use existing data from clinical trials with children to create virtual environments where medical devices can be easily set up, adjusted and validated to see immediate potential impact, saving time while still meeting regulatory and ethical demands.

Petra Jantzer, PhD, a senior managing director and global lead of the Accenture Life Sciences practice, said: “MedTech companies are prioritizing digital health by investing in R&D, technology, digital transformation and creating new business models. Virtonomy’s digital twin technology can help enhance medical device design in a virtual patient setting, accelerating development timelines and reducing costs, risk and regulatory barriers. Virtonomy is reinventing how medical devices are safely and quickly brought to patients.”

Dr Simon J Sonntag, co-founder and CEO of Virtonomy said: “The medical device industry is facing increasing complexity in development processes, impacting risk, cost and time-to-market for critical medical devices. Digital twin technology can help address these challenges and tapping into Accenture’s expertise in data strategy and management will help Virtonomy expand our existing database of clinical data, with essential data and actionable insights that can streamline the medical device manufacturing process.”

Tom Lounibos, managing director of Accenture Ventures, said: “Digital twin technology, alongside data, analytics and AI is opening the door to endless new possibilities to reinvent the life sciences industry. But there must always be a strong data foundation to build accurate digital twin simulations. We will work with Virtonomy to set a strategy for real-time data collection that includes high-quality historic data, as well as continuous data monitoring and validation from new sources.”