Accenture writes new narratives for businesses with The Storytellers

person reading a book | Accenture and The Storytellers

Accenture has acquired The Storytellers, a UK creative management consultancy that partners with CEOs and other leaders to develop their narratives and boost business growth and accelerate performance in their organizations.

Founded in 2003, The Storytellers helps business leaders with a human-centered approach to activate their transformations and new business strategies. By combining expertise in storytelling with facilitation, skills-building, creative communications and immersive digital and live event production, it can help leaders create and deliver a compelling narrative that motivates their colleagues and customers.

The Storytellers has partnered with over 200 clients to co-create stories that have helped to realize the benefits of change in organizations and their team of professionals will join the talent and organization/human potential practice.

This acquisition will enhance Accenture’s capabilities in transformational change and will aid clients with articulating and activating their vision and change strategies.

Tim Good, talent and organization/human potential lead EMEA at Accenture, said: “In twenty years, The Storytellers has built a formidable reputation for helping business leaders accelerate their transformation strategies to thrive in a world of fast-paced change.

“A compelling vision and narrative are now fundamental for driving change and they bring deep understanding of the transformative power of a story and its role in energizing people around a shared ambition. Together, with Accenture’s breadth of consulting and technology services, we will bring an innovative team to C-Suite clients to help them reinvent their business and build resilience for the future.”

Chris Spencer, CEO of The Storytellers, said: “People are demanding more human connection and authenticity from leaders as they tackle today’s pertinent issues – including the rise of AI and sustainability. Leaders need a fresh way to motivate people to take action and bridge the gap between strategy and execution, where many transformations can fail. With Accenture’s expertise and highly respected transformational change capabilities, now is the time to take our business to the next level and join forces to deepen our impact with clients.”