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Making sense of cloud-first ERP with Britvic
It’s safe to say that implementing a cloud-based ERP system will be beneficial for your organization, whether a full public or private cloud option or via a hybrid on-premise and cloud deployment. Among the proven benefits are lower capital requirements...
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Data in the cloud drives employee onboarding for MOD Pizza
As you shift your ERP systems and core data to the cloud, you can expect benefits like trimmed operational expenses and infrastructure costs and the ability to scale better, faster, and with more automation. But has your organization considered the...
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AI-driven analytics can change the way you use your data
Data is at the heart of the success of any modern enterprise. However, the recent exponential growth of business data has been accompanied by an equally drastic increase in complexity: more processes, ever-multiplying data sources, and a constant march toward...
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Simply put, your ERP system can’t do AI analytics
Two technologies you hear most about today are “analytics” and “AI.” Both hold great promise for how to get the most out of your organization’s data: analytics for deriving value from all the detailed information that surrounds you, and artificial...
Infographic: How Boomi supports ERP modernization
Learn the five key areas where an integration and automation platform can ensure your success from this infographic by Boomi.
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Why Does ‘Composable’ Have to Be Limited to ERP? by Boomi
The concept of a composable architecture is linked to ERP — breaking apart specific components into bite-size pieces that can be more quickly and easily updated or exchanged for new functionality without having to tackle the entire massive application. Read the blog by Boomi.
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The Value of Data for a Composable ERP Architecture by Boomi
SAP and Oracle users are being forced into cloud migration, but many other businesses are jumping at the opportunity to relinquish on-premises application management for a cloud- or hybrid on-premises/cloud architecture. And that means dealing with a lot of data, and a lot of applications. Read the blog by Boomi.
Top-down view of a city skyline, showing multiple skyscrapers, a river running-through and a lovely sunset | Boomi
Preventing business boondoggles with Boomi
The already pressing need for organizations to transform their operations to stay competitive exploded into an “or else” during the pandemic. Companies suddenly had to provide digital access to anywhere, anytime services.
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Maintain first place with enterprise automation
New technology and the widespread adoption of digital solutions have revolutionized how businesses operate, connect with customers and optimize their processes. It has become increasingly clear that leveraging technology is a necessity for sustained success.
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Elevating Workday ERP with Boomi and Huron
Having proper data governance and preparation can prevent errors, duplicate data and inefficiencies, but this can be difficult to achieve without the right tools and partners in place to elevate your ERP implementations.