Elevating Workday ERP with Boomi and Huron

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ERP implementations are often challenged by data gaps that can slow adoption and undermine the fundamental ROI of system modernization. Having proper data governance and preparation can prevent errors, duplicate data and inefficiencies, but this can be difficult to achieve without the right tools and partners in place to elevate your ERP implementations. So, let’s discuss how to aid your implementation when working with big vendors such as Workday, for instance.

The big pain points when implementing any ERP

What we see regularly in ERP implementations is that it is data quality issues, where data is inconsistent, inaccurate or incomplete that too often hinders business decisions. Moreover, data migration challenges also arise from legacy transfer (formatting errors, loss), while data duplication disrupts ERP integrity and requires additional cleansing, migration plans and governance to resolve. Migrating data from legacy systems to the new ERP structures and ensuring quality data can be a major effort. Data inconsistencies, formatting issues and synchronization problems arise.

Plus, during data migrations, redundant information that is stored in different parts of the system can lead to further confusion, inaccuracies and inefficiencies. Such problems as this usually arise when data is entered multiple times, and it further highlights the importance of robust data management strategies.

A single platform for ERP data preparation

To solve the sticking points, that’s where the right tools and partners come in, elevating your implementation experience. Utilizing the Boomi platform, global consultancy Huron offers pre-constructed accelerators within master data management models and integrations that are already 40-60 percent developed. Huron also provides third-party integration solutions for data analytics tools such as Dun and Bradstreet and specialized software like Loqate. This combined approach facilitates the rapid enhancement of ERP implementation by ensuring accurate and comprehensive data. The components of this solution are:

Boomi Platform: The Boomi integration and automation platform enables effortless integration between diverse applications through visual design tools, pre-built connectors and data transformation capabilities.

Boomi Master Data Hub (MDH): Boomi Master Data Hub, part of the Boomi platform, serves as a centralized repository for an organization’s core business data, ensuring a single source of accurate and consistent information. It empowers organizations with data governance tools, real-time synchronization and streamlined workflows, enhancing MDM and informed decision-making.

Enrichment – Loqate: Loqate is a location data and geocoding solution that helps businesses ensure accurate address information by verifying, standardizing and geocoding addresses in real-time.

Enrichment – Dun and Bradstreet (D and B): D and B offers comprehensive business data and analytics, enabling organizations to assess credit worthiness, mitigate risks and identify growth opportunities through insights on companies and industries. Services encompass data enrichment, credit reporting, and business intelligence to support informed decision-making.

The value of implementing data quality and mastering Workday migration

Implementing robust data quality and master data management (MDM) practices within Workday delivers substantial value by ensuring accurate, consistent and up-to-date information. This leads to improved decision-making, operational efficiency and customer experiences. By reducing errors, enhancing analytics and facilitating seamless integration, organizations can achieve cost savings, regulatory compliance and a competitive edge. Furthermore, the scalability, change management and governance benefits of effective MDM can contribute to sustained business growth and adaptability in a dynamic market landscape.

Seamless integration and data governance

Huron’s solution facilitates seamless integration by leveraging clean and standardized data, enhancing the interaction between diverse modules and systems in the ERP ecosystem for streamlined processes. The implementation of MDM introduced robust data governance measures, defining data ownership, stewardship and governance protocols that uphold data integrity and effective management throughout its lifecycle.

Better analytics and operational efficiency

By harnessing dependable data, Huron’s solution improved analytics and reporting, facilitating precise insights and strategic planning within the ERP system. Moreover, it enhances operational efficiency by employing standardized data, mitigating errors and discrepancies and ultimately refining processes and overall ERP environment effectiveness.