Emma Sinclair MBE
CoFounder, EnterpriseAlumni
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Developing young talent: a vital ingredient for ecosystem success
When I was three, it was my father who took me to pre school every day. He did that every morning until I left for university at 18, for which I am eternally grateful. There were a number of things I learned over those years.
Mindset cheat sheet
There are thousands of books, podcasts, blogs and coaches dedicated to the mindset that business leaders need in order to succeed. But is there a set of common skills that leaders must embrace, regardless of size and scale, in order...
The procurement problem – Unlocking innovation and supporting SMEs
I recently spotted a tweet from Chris Bakke, an entrepreneur with a number of significant exits under his belt, that got me thinking. Why is procurement still such a challenging beast?
There is an alternative to doom and gloom
Tough times sharpen our minds and force us to re-evaluate almost everything, both personally and...
Entrepreneurship, innovation and the mass movement of people
Entrepreneurs are by their very nature built for uncertainty. Their businesses too are built to...
How epic failure changed the world
Heard of Steve Jobs? Bill Gates? Steve Wozniak? Marc Porat? Likely not the last on the list but that’s about to change...