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Healthcare | NHS privacy
Has NHS privacy faux pas set transformation and skills alarm bells ringing?
Modernising NHS health systems and data sharing across integrated care systems will prove a trust and data literacy challenge.
image of colorful clusters on a black background
FCDO digital transformation: one down, four to go
Tim Jones, chief exec for finance and corporate at the FCDO, talks his part in the UK government’s major plan to overhaul Whitehall ERP.
Cloud outage
Outage outrage! Why public cloud is putting data and business at risk
Another outage begs the question: isn’t cloud supposed to be the savior of modern agile computing?
Nathan Moores, shared services strategy director at the Cabinet Office
Can the UK’s shared services mastermind really modernize Whitehall IT?
Interview with Nathan Moores, the latest in a line of civil servants tasked with the mighty shared services challenge.
Reputation on the line? Tech redundancies and jostling for future business
Exploring recent tech redundancies with the enterprise tech ecosystem, and why layoffs are never a good look.
UK Government Matrix reload connected
The UK government wants to reload the Matrix. But is there a glitch?
According to the architects of the government’s shared services cluster strategy, the civil service has a lack of interoperability, a problem for which, they think they have a solution. The project’s name: the Matrix Programme.
Did software wolves cry BUG in Y2K?
Marc Ambasna-Jones explores mafia killers, K-pop and woodland bunkers to find the truth about the Y2K bug and some pretty big bucks. Oracle for example saw a 22 percent growth in a record quarter, while SAP also saw record profits.
Blurred lines: is the consumerisation of enterprise technologies creating unnecessary division?
Enterprises beware – there may be some sacrifice in software simplicity for the hybrid user
Supply chain skills: a battle for talent or a race to automation?
It wasn’t so long ago that terms such as ‘supply chain’ and ‘product shortages’ were never really mentioned in daily news bulletins. Since the pandemic though, it’s almost become a daily occurrence, the latest problem being disruption to food supplies...
Can sustainable supply chains help firms rise above the greenwash noise and deliver real value to customers and the environment? Greta Thunberg has a point. We’ve heard it all before.
Products are dead, long live products – why servitisation could be key to post-pandemic recovery
Manufacturers, such as Rolls Royce, which took a reported £4bn hit in 2020, have long been big advocates of servitisation, a process that focusses on selling preferred outcomes, as opposed to individual products. It’s a model that has been around for...
Retail Reborn – How technology change has become a source of high street hope
Technology can help reinvent the high street and deliver a new era of lean and mean retailers capable of capturing the imagination of a digital native generation. Given the carnage of...
What’s your COVID price? Is the pandemic threatening the consultancy model?
Consultancies and systems integrators have been both criticised and critical over the past few months but what does a post-pandemic future look like? Last year we predicted some big changes for the SIs in terms of their delivery methods...