Phillip van der Wilt
Senior Vice President EMEA, Samsara
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Stacks of old folder filled with paper piled on top of each other precariously | Physical operations Samsara
Physical operations firms push paper to go the way of the dodo
Despite all the digital advances made in just about every other business vertical, firms that operate in physical operations have doggedly clung on to manual processes. However, all that's changing. And fast.
Blue touch screen memory board with cloud and lock emoji buttons. Physical
The physical world is hungry for digital transformation
Samsara reveals that physical and technological shifts are underway, from autonomous vehicles and AI, to alternative energies and robotics.
autonomous vehicle
Race for autonomous vehicles must not lose sight of drivers
The UK government has given the green light for the roll-out of self-driving autonomous vehicles (AVs) in a move that could, in time, completely revolutionise the way people and goods travel by road.