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Extending the value of SAP to streamline VAT determination and compliance
In this guide, we introduce you to the current environment and help you make the business case for extending the value of your SAP ERP with integrated tax technology.
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Watch now: The tax data dilemma – meeting tax compliance
The paradigm of tax compliance is undergoing a big shift. Join members of Vertex to discuss how to navigate such confusing waters.
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Compliance’s complexity: Attitudes and barriers to getting it right in indirect tax
After studying 580 people from around the world with influence over decisions made about indirect tax in their business, Vertex provides insights into indirect tax risk and whether organizations can avoid it or are forced to embrace it.
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eGuide: Spread the wings of SAP and streamline VAT determination and compliance
In this guide by Vertex, learn how to navigate these complexities and read how to extend the power of SAP ERP and the right tax technology to streamline VAT determination and compliance, and increase your tax team's agility.
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Are you ready for the future of tax?
This eGuide provides insight for the tax department to show how they can drive business growth, boost corporate agility, and help future-proof indirect tax determination and compliance.
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Practical implications of EU e-commerce VAT rules
Read the eGuide by Vertex to learn the key areas of change from the July 2021 cross-border and e-commerce VAT rule changes. To avoid being non-compliant, key marketplaces must ensure a series of additional measures. This guide aims to look at the new VAT rules for marketplaces and the practical implications they can have on a marketplace business.
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VAT Compliance: The business case for tax engine
Read the whitepaper by Vertex to learn how to tackle the challenges in VAT's end-to-end process by examining the root causes and exploring the options.
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Challenges of registering, filing, and settling tax globally
This guide will help you navigate the practical considerations for registering, filing and settling indirect tax in tax jurisdictions globally.
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Global Tax Compliance Research: A Comparative Analysis
Lear how businesses navigate the complex landscape of indirect tax compliance, and research done by Vertex on the regional discrepancies.