Challenges of registering, filing, and settling tax globally

tax forms with coins and letters t a x

Registering for, and managing VAT, GST, or sales tax in your own country is normally a relatively straightforward process. But what happens when you need to start working with an overseas jurisdiction to settle the tax on your digital sales or other taxable transactions in that jurisdiction?

From the moment you register in a tax jurisdiction, you enter their compliance regime. Yet the accessibility, quality, and quantity of guidance you receive both before and after you register differs widely. Therefore, you certainly can’t rely on simply finding the information you need online.

On registering, you might get a comprehensive manual running to hundreds of pages. But do you have the resources to read, digest, and act on the information for every country concerned? On the other hand, you might get very little information, and be expected to figure things out for yourself or consult with a local tax advisor.

This guide from Vertex will help you navigate the practical considerations for registering, filing, and settling indirect tax in tax jurisdictions globally.

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