Dr Zara Nanu
CEO and co-founder at Gapsquare
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A fair and inclusive future of work needs some planning
For a closer look at how much the Great Resignation is impacting the IT sector and its workforce plans for the future, just look at the data.
The age of pay transparency the role of tech and data
It is no secret to anyone by now that our access to technology and data is creating increasing transparency in all areas of life - and the salary data, pay fairness and pay equity in particular are no exception.
The future of work in tech: Saying goodbye to women’s roles
It will come as no surprise to the readers of ERP Today that the future of work is shifting towards a more tech-focussed approach. We are constantly utilising the latest technology to create fresh workplace opportunities and tech skills are becoming increasingly in demand within the world of work.
Fair pay, the blueprint for a fair future of work
It has been just over a year since the global pandemic began and the nature of the workplace as we knew it has shifted rapidly. Many of us have had to adjust to remote working. Gone are the days of...
Using digital tech for a fair Future of work
Throughout 2020 we have all had numerous conversations about how the pandemic has exposed rifts and inequalities in public health and the economy all over the world. Workplaces have not...
Flexible working: the policy that is implementing itself
I don’t think many of us understood what flexible work was until March 2020. Many of us in the ERP...
The future of work won’t wait for you to evolve
Instead of a grand movement shaped by AI and automation, self-driving cars and trips to Mars...
What Macron knows
In France during 2018, President Macron’s administration declared gender equality a priority. Legislation now requires...
The janus face of Artificial Intelligence creating fairness or accelerating bias?
The Janus face of Artificial Intelligence creating fairness or accelerating bias? Automation and AI are both supporting businesses to make better decisions...