Celonis and Carahsoft to combat US government inefficiency

image of Celonis building | Celonis:Next unveils product enhancements, investments and more

Celonis is partnering with government IT solutions provider Carahsoft Technology Corp. to make the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) widely available to the U.S. federal, state and local governments.

The Celonis EMS is designed to reveal inefficiencies and accurately calculate their impact on performance by providing a real-time “X-ray” of an organization’s business processes. 

The partnership has made the Celonis EMS operational in key departments and processes across government agencies like finance, procurement, and administration transformation; to mission-focused employee and citizen service transformations. 

This is accompanied by a multitude of key agency and citizen benefits, such as increased efficiency and optimization of existing investments in modernization and system transformation through visibility across siloed technology stacks and departments, and reduced process complexity to optimize performance.

Benefits also include end-to-end transparency of how agency processes actually run and whether they are meeting key performance indicators; enabling agencies to improve process efficiency and effectiveness.

Chris Lisk, vice president of public sector sales at Celonis, said: “Celonis’ inclusion on Carahsoft’s GSA Schedule represents a major milestone for our public sector business. It allows us to serve government agencies at speed and drive our mission to enable government modernization, one business process and source system at a time.”

Craig P. Abod, Carahsoft president, added: “As government agencies continue to digitize their services, it is essential that efficiency is not at risk. With the addition of Celonis to our GSA Schedule, our government customers and reseller partners can leverage the power of the Celonis EMS to get the visibility needed to boost efficiency, optimize performance and lower costs to deliver the highest return for citizen services.”