Celonis pioneers Process Intelligence Graph and new platform capabilities

Alexander Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis | Celonis pioneers Process Intelligence Graph and new platform capabilities

At Celonis’ annual conference in Munich, Germany, the company pioneered its Process Intelligence Graph along with new platform capabilities.

Speaking at the Celosphere 23 conference, Alexander Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis quoted a recent company study which revealed “80 percent of leaders believe processes were the lifeblood of the organization” with 75 percent of those surveyed also saying that “their processes were getting in the way of the successful adoption and implementation of AI”.

In most cases, this is a result of different departments in organizations all using different languages and systems which creates a disconnect.

For this reason, sourcing inspiration from the Rosetta Stone, dating back to ancient Egypt with text written in three different languages – hieroglyphic, Demotic scripts and Ancient Greek – Rinke spoke about how the Stone is relevant today as it became key to deciphering the archaic scripts.

Telling attendees about this new version of a Rosetta Stone, made up of process data, process knowledge and power of the ecosystem, the CEO introduced Process Intelligence (PI) Graph, aimed to unify organizations’ process data and create a common language between departments.

Celonis, which specializes in process mining, will use the new technology to capture and unify an organization’s process data and enhance it with machine learning and deep process knowledge gathered from thousands of customer deployments over the past decade. 

The PI Graph is a system-agnostic, enriched digital twin, providing a single process intelligence layer that supports improvements, automation and system transformation for back and front office and across-edge applications. It sits at the heart of the Celonis platform and is a key enabler for emerging technologies like GenAI.  

R “Ray” Wang, CEO of advisory analyst firm Constellation Research, said on the launch: “Process Intelligence has rapidly evolved to become a strategic imperative for both business and IT executives. The Process Intelligence Graph and an open platform strategy are critical capabilities in an evolving IT stack. 

“Companies will be able to embed Process Intelligence deeply into their operating models and technology stacks, enabling a new wave of powerful applications and use cases.”

The company highlights that the PI Graph is “open to the world” and will constantly be extended with process improvement knowledge from the Celonis ecosystem, creating the world’s first ‘Wikipedia of Process Intelligence’.

New capabilities within Celonis’ platform 

The Celonis platform, which works by augmenting customers’ existing technology stack by infusing process intelligence into each platform, tool and application is expanding with a number of additional enhancements.

Announced at the conference, the company is adding Process Copilot to simplify and accelerate the process of identifying and capturing value opportunities across the business by connecting users to the Process Intelligence Graph through an intuitive chat interface, along with Process Adherence Manager (previously Process Sphere) which enables unique model-driven analysis by integrating process mining, modeling and conformance with real-world data. Process CoPilot is currently available in beta to select Celonis customers and partners. 

Also embedded in the platform will be Studio, which has been redesigned with a new guided experience that makes it easier to build, test and edit apps, dashboards and actions within the Celonis platform, along with Transformation Hub, which is said to give customers the ability to visualize outcomes across processes, objectives and value stages in one place. 

Studio features will be released in limited availability to select Celonis customers and partners from late November, with general availability in Q1 2024. Transformation Hub will be generally available to eligible Celonis customers from late November.